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    SURVIVOR | ❝part of the journey is the end.❞ ❪ completed ✓ ❫ ❪ avengers: endgame ❫ ❪ multiple characters x multiple ocs ❫ ❪ part 2 of 2 ❫ ❪ final book of the endeavour series ❫

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    GAME OF SURVIVAL | ❝this is a wild game of survival.❞ ❪ completed ✓ ❫ ❪ avengers: infinity war ❫ ❪ multiple characters x multiple ocs ❫ ❪ part 1 of 2 ❫ ❪ book 5 of the endeavour series ❫

    Completed   Mature
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    GLADIATORS | ❝if we don't end this war, this war will end us.❞ ❪ completed ✓ ❫ ❪ thor: ragnarok ❫ ❪ thor odinson x oc ❫ ❪ book 3 of the endeavour series ❫

  • Scream ▹ T'Challa Udaku
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    ❝i'm tired of the injustice.❞ [black panther]

  • eternity | bucky barnes ✓
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    "promise you'll never forget me, buck." "i promise." [ captain america: the first avenger. ]

  • Sweet Design {W. MAXIMOFF}
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    "What a sweet design. The purpose that, is bittersweet." {Age of Ultron} {Book 1 in the Lidiya-Marie Barton series} {cover by @BonitaRogue}

  • Heroes ▷ Captain America
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    "Sir, you look-" "Small, weak, not prepared for this at all?" "I was going to say agitated, but those work too." - In which Evelyn Mason isn't just a soldier, she's a hero. [ Captain America: The First Avenger ] [ STANDALONE ] [ COMPLETED ] DISCLAIMER: I don't own Marvel or Captain America. Just Evelyn Mason and her n...

  • My Electric Shock // Steve Rogers Fanfiction
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    Karen Smith, Agent Carter's assistant and the woman who's been in love with her best friend for as long as she can remember. After not seeing each other for 70 years due to Steve's frozen incident, he comes back better, and she makes a surprise appearance that might of lead to their death. After fighting off Ultron, t...

  • Peaceful Knights ⏃ Captain America [2]
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    [ BOOK TWO ] ❝ a great battle is a terrible thing, but in the midst of blood and carnage, there is sometimes also beauty, beauty that could break your heart ❞ Christabel "Christina" Sitma, known as Red Cobra, never thought that a person from Steve Roger's past would come to haunt her-but she couldn't have been more w...

  • Fear the Fever ⏃ Captain America [3]
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    {PREVIOUSLY KNOWN AS TOXIC AGONY} Christina thought that changing her hair color was a good enough disguise when she traveled to Germany to discover secrets of her past, but HYDRA found her. She had been trained thoroughly on what to do and what to say when kidnapped, and she was completely level headed. But nothing c...

  • Bloody Tongues ⏃ Captain America [1]
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    (PREVIOUSLY KNOWN AS; PRECIOUS SERPENT) Christina Sitma has been dating Steve Rogers a.k.a Captain America, for the past eighteen months, but what Steve Rogers doesn't know is that Christina Sitma is an undercover SHIELD agents who has been assigned to watch over him. She has a dark past, and has been forced to concea...

  • Photograph
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    Frances Blake has issues. Big issues. She also has a mission in another time; help Steve Rogers, the man who will change her life. Frances thinks that this is just her fathers work paying off and her training having a purpose, but it isn't long before this journey becomes more than just a mission.

  • Vexed ♡ S. ROGERS
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    "Just one kiss." "No." "What? You afraid you're going to catch feelings?"

  • rise ➶ captain america [1]
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    ❝take my hand, we will stand and together we will rise❞ Where she gives him hope, and where he gives her love. ➶ [ captain america// steve rogers ] [ the first avenger & the battle of new york ] [1] { completed some time in august } [2015]

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  • Avengers Texts
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    Ever wondered what the Avengers tell each other when they're not on duty? Whatever the heck this is. Thanks for 1M! Bucks and kisses, CaptainUSA