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  • The Freaks
    2.1K 210 28

    After a disaster strikes the earth, teenagers are all that survive. But they develop strange and dangerous abilities that brand them as monsters. They're nicknamed the Freaks. Luca's a Freak like no other. When he turns eighteen, he's sentenced to death by a government sent from space, known as the Soldiers, to wipe t...

  • Thicker Than Water
    8.8K 407 9

    Eighteen-year-old Azalea "Oz" Buchanan was expecting to coast through her senior year. But everything changes when an old childhood friend goes missing and turns up dead. Suddenly, her best friend seems to be going crazy, her parents are keeping secrets and a weirdo with a Wizard of Oz fetish is stalking her. With a n...

  • Writer's Lounge
    997 88 7

    Come in take a look around. Where we brush off our journalism skills to interview your favorite authors. Enjoy, Atomic Productions

  • Curfew
    11.8K 685 10

    Everyone in the After knows there's a curfew. It's an unspoken, unofficial rule that everyone follows. From eight at night until eight in the morning you had to be inside a secure shelter. Well, technically you didn't have to...but if you didn't you would either get killed, eaten, or dismembered to the point where you...

  • The Hider
    630 63 13

    The year is 209 A.B. according to Jordy's mom and dad. His family was an Intact family. The girl he saw jump on roofs with red hair was a Fragment. He wanted to know her. He wanted to be like her. But his parents won't let him. So he has to do one thing. He has to run away. He has to hide. ***WARNING: This book is a...

  • Within the Walls
    339K 20.3K 41

    Elle Fallon, a girl from a starving dystopian town, breaks the most absolute law to find a cure for her sick sister. She throws herself into the path of their tyrannical leader in the process. Knowing death awaits her either way, her wits, and a mysterious boy may keep her alive just long enough. ...

  • Flash Fiction
    9K 322 29

    Literally flash fiction. Some stories are shorter than others. The genres vary from adventure to science fiction to dystopia and so on. Not usually longer than 500 words. Some are based off prompts, others straight out of my mind!

  • Over and Over
    528 69 10

    I am trying to figure what I have to do with my life. I'm completely lost. Something is happening in my life that I can't figure out. I'm strong, I can do this. Written by, Saba Iqbal I hope you enjoy reading Don't forget to follow, vote, comment and share :)

  • As I Fall
    7.8K 393 14

    Skyler Anderson is a fighter. All she's ever known was the abuse from her dad and how to fight her own inner demons. Her father has ruined any chance of a future for her in her eyes, and she has never even had a friend to rely on. Her only escape is doing what she knows how to do best. Fight. When her Dad forces her t...

  • The Truly Divine
    7.7K 294 14

    In a future society Eliza Harold seems only interested in the old ways of the world. However, being apart of the higher society means there is no room for the thought of rebellion, but what happens when someone crashes into the perfect life that was crafted for her? Will she find out what she truly believes in? Or f...

  • Black Out
    128K 4.4K 18

    Alexandria Darrow has precious little in this world save for the Foster boys: Ian, 19, Tate, 17, and Micah, 7. They spend their days coping with the hand they've been dealt and dreaming of escape from their home in Lynchburg, Virginia. Freedom is so close they can taste it: Tate and Alex will soon be 18 and they can a...

  • Fade In
    29.1K 1K 15

    *This book IS a continuation of Black Out* Lena Oliver, 19, has always relied on one person to get her through life: herself. In a time where one truly finds oneself, Lena seeks only one thing: to hide from who she is. This will prove rather difficult between meeting the witty (and rather irritatingly insightf...