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  • Save Me (Jeremy Gilbert)
    607K 11.1K 40

    Highest Ranked: #83 vampire Life as a vampire has it's perks. You get to travel the world, no need to worry about money, and of course, you are always looking hot. I mean come on, what sane person wouldn't want that in for their life... Let's list the cons. You don't get to stay in the same place for your whole life (...

  • Fool Me Twice, Shame On Me ✓
    5.6M 162K 41

    "So this was all just a game to you . . .this whole time, you pretended to like me in order to humiliate me in front of the entire school?" An air of melancholia surrounded me, eyes watery like never before. "Were your feelings for me ever real?" There wasn't even a trace of an apologetic expression on his features as...

  • Love Invalid
    13M 329K 65

    What happens when one kiss turns your world upside down? That one simple kiss makes your life into something unexpected. Athena Delaney works at a publishing company to publish gossips and news about celebrities. One drunken night, she met a well known football player from Spain. Well not exactly, she didn't...

  • The Alpha's My Mate
    539K 13.3K 25

    (EPILOGUE ADDED) [Final Update: April 22, 2020] Rank: #209 in Werewolf (April 24, 2015) Rank: #269 in luna (June 25, 2020) PLEASE BE INFORMED THAT I WAS ILLITERATE AND VERY CLICHE IN WRITING THIS STORY "please don't kill me." I begged as the third in command lingered around me, his eyes turning an intense shade of yel...

  • Choleric
    1.9M 80.7K 32

    Mate. A mesmerising string of four letters placed perfectly for an equally perfect person. How it came about? No one really knows the answer to that. They only know it exists. And for good reason. When Celia finds Cassius - an Alpha known for his brutality and strength - she discovers he has secrets. Ones that could...

  • Cheated
    569K 14.5K 30

    S O P H I E never imagined that she'd witness her mate cheating on her. When it did end up happening, she was completely caught off guard, having no clue how to react to the one she loved most, completely betraying her. The only thing she was sure about: forgiveness wasn't in the question. As she was running away...

  • Sorry, I'm Not Into Bestiality
    4.3M 151K 61

    "Shit..." The look shook me slightly, "Y-yeah shit, what's wrong with you dude?" "I-I'm sorry," He eventually choked out, hesitantly beginning to step towards me, "Please, let me-" "Back up, Bitch!" I exclaimed out of panic, accidentally staggering back even further and knocking into a bunch of trashcans. "Listen, jus...

  • Fragments
    2.3M 86.3K 102

    One bridge. Two guys. Three secrets. Four therapists. Five attempts. Six months. Seven bad habits. Eight family meetings. Nine visits. Ten cuts. One death. Spiritual #4

  • In Love With My Gay Friend (EDITING)
    110K 3.1K 32

    My name is Joey Lerman. And I... was just going through a phase of 'moving-on' from a 2-year relationship with my ex-boyfriend. In this screwed up story, it practically involved a lot of things - such as my break-up story, my dreamboat gay BFF, and of course, our ludicrous plan of making my ex-boyfriend regret ever l...

  • The Other Side
    503K 17.8K 35

    Lenore almost had it all. The guy of her dreams just confessed his love for her... and then went missing the next day. And he's not the only one. As more and more people from Millerton go missing, Lenore realizes that nothing in her quiet life is as it seems. And, strangest of all, if she can somehow survive the dange...

  • The Psychic Next Door
    5.3M 101K 53

    Rachel Vaughn is being hunted by something... unexplainable. And she can't help but think it has something to do with Luc, the handsome but mysterious guy who lives next door. { Book I of The Psychic Curse } After her boyfriend cheats on her, Rachel Vaughn needs a fresh start. She finds it in a new apartment, and...

  • His Bartender (Completed)
    1.1M 29.1K 21

    Christopher De Rege is a gang leader that has women jumping at him from left and right. He would use them like tissue every night, but the next day he would always have an eye for one girl. Mia Bellerose is a bartender at the local bar, she always had a crush on Christopher but she knew that he would never talk to a g...

  • Stepbrother ✔
    16.8M 526K 41

    "You're so lame." Alexander comments as he walks into the kitchen. "Shut up, I don't care." I scoff as I continue to make myself a sandwich. "You know, maybe guys will notice you more once you stop wearing your father's clothes." He teases and at that moment, I turn around to face him and give him a fuming glare. ...

  • Mister Popular's Little Sister
    7.4M 213K 28

    After the divorce of her parents, Marley Parker stays in North Carolina while her brother and father move to California. Ten years after the divorce, Marley finds herself being forced to move across the country to live with her very wealthy father and brother. Marley's brother seems to be Mister Popular while she rem...

  • Alpha's Baby | astera22
    5.6M 148K 37

    My mum always used to tell me what it's like to see your mate for the first time. She used to say that at that moment, everything around you stopped, that nothing else mattered. And nothing else would matter. If it wasn't for the little girl clinging to my leg right now. That little girl that trusts me with her life...

  • The Football Girl
    1.4M 28.2K 22

    •1M reads on May 17, 2016 •Highest Rank was #27 in Teen Fiction ~ Blake Hensley was the girl that would rather be on a muddy football field than in a nail salon. She lost her mom and was left with her dad and two older brothers. She always thought it would just be them, but what happens when her dad tries to change i...

  • She Is My Alpha | Good Boy x Bad Girl |✔️
    6.6M 300K 57

    ❝She kills without second thought.❞ • Micajah's PoV: "Ah!" I shout out in pain, unable to hold it in any longer. I clutch my hand to my injured leg and cry out desperately when another blow is landed to my other leg. Tears of pain gather in the corners of my eyes, and I curl into a ball of humiliation, trying to shie...

  • I Sold Myself to the Devil for Vinyls... Pitiful I Know
    116M 2.9M 95

    Lexi Grayson is a normal teenager, as normal as she can be with her unobserving skills and her overthinking mind. But she might need the overthinking if she wants to unravel the smirking mystery that is Blake Eaton.

  • Military's Girl (editing)(1-7 edited)
    6.6M 105K 36

    I pushed away from the dinner table and stood up really fast, then bolted for the door. I couldn't just stay here and listen to him tell me he was leaving, I just couldn't deal with it. Tears start running down my face just as I reach the edge of the grass and sidewalk about to enter the street, but arms wrapped aroun...

  • Pause (Completed, Published)
    15.5M 397K 59

    #1 Humor P A U S E 'Moments of hesitation make us human.' ~ Aqueela Lawson 'Moments of hesitation make us weak.' ~ Jay Taylor *~**~* ...

  • Blood Runs This School || Discontinued ||
    882K 31.6K 50

    De Lutha academy, is not like most schools. For one thing all the teachers are Vampires and for seconds Students are made to donate blood every month as 'payment' for their education. No one has a choice but to attend, Even Lailah, a snarky and sarcastic teenager who's not so keen on the whole Vampire thing because...

  • The Unwilling Death Eater
    38.2K 1K 28

    Lia is an unwilling death eater. Her mother died to save her from her monstrous uncle who branded her with the horrid dark mark. At only eight years old she gets dragged off to Azkaban where she meets Sirius Black who changes her life as she finds friends and happiness. Follow the tale of the girl who plays a larger p...

  • The Run (SAMPLE)
    3.4M 116K 54

    {SAMPLE} Rae has been given responsibility from a young age. After her mother's death and her father's abandonment she was left to raise her five siblings at the age of sixteen. Now just turning nineteen she's put her life on hold to keep her family together but this year she won't be able to say no to the 'The Run'...

  • The Bad Boy Stole My Notebook
    9.4M 381K 25

    Lilah is the plain, simple girl that no one notices. She's just another face in the crowd, nothing more. Her world is very different from the ones of her two best friends, which causes them to rarely see each other. So, they share a notebook. They write their feelings and their secrets in this notebook and it is only...

  • The Girl Marauder(Book One)
    469K 19.6K 26

    Days are getting darker, the world is falling apart, and Luna Swift is running out of options. She's been on the run for months, hiding from family and the Ministry alike. With nowhere else to go, she turns to a place her brother had guaranteed would be safe: Hogwarts. Hiding in the school, Luna prepares to sink unnot...

  • Violent Delights | Oliver Queen [1]
    932K 28.5K 30

    ❝ But, as they say, these violent delights have violent ends, and our story is the goriest of them all.❞ |season 1| |formerly known as Miss Me?| BOOK 2 - RUNAWAY is up! Highest ranking: #1 in Oliver Queen #1 in Arrow

  • My Life As Emmalyn
    1.8M 54.1K 42

    (formerly known as My Bad Boy Stepbrother) This is not a romance where the nerd falls in love with the bad boy. This is about my stepbrother Jason and me. No, we do not hate each other. No, I'm not even a freaking nerd, geek, or loser. But yes, he is the ever-so-popular "bad boy." That's where the similarities end. S...

  • Secret Angel
    3.1M 112K 76

    Long ago, when Lilian was only a baby, a dying guardian angel came upon her. She bestowed Lily with her powers; the control of elements and the ability to heal. Lily was no longer human, although no one knew, she knew that she was destined to be great. ************************************ Her whole life changes one or...

  • Within Seconds // Barry Allen
    5M 187K 100

    [based on season one of The Flash] || book one of three || At the time Central City's own Barry Allen discovers he has the ability to run faster than the speed of sound, a woman from his past, Parker Sylas, returns to her hometown. Scoring jobs at both the CCPD and S.T.A.R. Labs, the two were destined to cross paths a...