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  • The Lost Tales of Stiles Stilinski | Sterek | !MermaidStiles
    39.8K 1.6K 16

    What happened before Scott and Stiles found their way into the supernatural world? Perhaps Stiles knew more than he let on? After an attack on one of the Kingdoms he was passing through he found himself having to say goodby to the ocean for a while. He has been safe in Beacon Hills since... but what happens when Hunte...

  • It Was Just A Mistake //langst\\
    85.1K 2.7K 12

    Team Voltron Just recived a stress Call from a close by planet, it was green ,blue and white. But also one thing these Creatures that live on this planet can Read certain people's minds, people that are hurting inside and let it get the best of them....they wind up reading the blue paladins and see how home sick he w...

  • The Manny Named Miles
    6.4K 251 10

    Wrightworth/Narumitsu AU. Phoenix didn't plan on being a single dad, but he IS now, and he needs help in looking after Trucy while he goes back to law school. Miles isn't what people expect when they think of a highly qualified nanny, but he's good at what he does. Now, if only they can convince Trucy to stop trying t...

  • Let's Talk About You. // Narumitsu Fanfiction
    34.3K 1K 9

    "I guess I'm free today... Did you have something in mind?" "Mm... Well..." Edgeworth paused; "Meet me in my office in 10 minutes?" "Why would you want me to go there...?!" Phoenix frowned, becoming all the more baffled with ever word Edgeworth uttered. "Don't ask. You'll find out." Phoenix Wright and Miles Edgewort...

  • Just Keep Running *Pokemon Black*
    84.8K 2.4K 16

    Meadow has no one, she is no one. She tried to get under the radar in the Unova Region, and it seems to be going fine. Nobody suspects that she has been lying to them for so long and she is actually homeless, but N knows differently. He knows her secrets, but she doesn't know if she can trust anyone at this time in he...

  • Find my voice <Pokemon fanfic>
    203K 10.5K 55

    A new world full of old things in how fourteen year old Paige sees the world and after seven long years locked away from it, she jumps at her first chance to once more be free. However, Paige is mute, never being able to utter a single word her entire life and this makes traveling much harder but she is soon offered...