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  • Almost Normal
    69.8K 4.4K 29

    Everyone has a story to tell, for me, this was just the beginning, and it all started with him. The boy with the emerald eyes had me captivated with every breath he took. With every gaze I stole from him, he was stealing my heart without even realizing it. There's no stopping what's to come. All I know is this, we all...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Black Cat (1843)
    12.6K 428 1

    Cover done by ds_22_me

  • Faded Memories ༣ MikaYuu
    29.1K 2K 27

    Faded, but never forgotten; they were eternity. Began ; October 21, 2015 Completed ; August 11, 2016 • Arc I : Light Silhouettes • Arc II : Hopelessly Saved, Hopelessly in Love • Arc III : Forgotten; Regrets

  • Yaoi Mangas Recommend For You
    67.7K 677 20

    If you don't know where to start? I got you. Go on and see some options to choose from. There's fluff, smut, dramatic, heart breaking, action, sad, thriller, and soo much more that I recommend. disclaims: I do not own any mangas, yaoi, etc. from Anywhere OR anyone.

  • Scary Urban Legends
    214K 6.5K 150

    Most of these stories are NOT mine. I got them from the internet. Some are mine and when it is, it's mentioned in that part. This book contains readers stories and different types of series, one of them being the riddle series which a lot of readers love! Don't be afraid to comment, I like seeing people's comments! H...