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  • Loose Lips Have Sunk This Ship {muke}
    15.8K 1.2K 17

    It was funny how Luke found himself striving to impress Michael, doing anything to gain the older boys attention. It was pitiful and made his cheeks heat up, but shit, he just couldn't help himself. ~~~ Or the one where Luke's on Senior Week and Michael's doing everything Luke was told not to do, and somehow he finds...

  • affection
    88.2K 10.3K 42

    michael writes about luke.

  • friends [muke af]
    241K 16.5K 30

    sequel to 'the boy with the white eyes'.

  • blondie [muke af]
    437K 28.4K 50

    in a horizontal integration type of business, people like luke don't really belong. cross dressing twenty-nine year olds aren't supposed to watch their thirty-one year old CEO buy as many firms as he can simply to maximize everyone's profit.  but here luke is, in a dark blue skirt and grey top, dropping his commu...

  • baby, I'll show you the world [muke af]
    254K 21.7K 72

    sequel of "thinking about you".

  • you love me
    155K 14.6K 49

    luke hates his coworker michael.

  • vegas ➳ muke
    14.8K 1.1K 19

    "You know, when lights die in Vegas, they throw them into a great, big graveyard. Filled with all the other lights. They never get a second chance. Isn't that sad?" "We could light them up again." ➳ ➳ ➳ ➳ ➳ ➳ - lightly based on songs by The 1975 - Muke fanfiction Rated R for obvious reasons COMPLETED WARNING: This...

  • west hills [muke af]
    251K 22.2K 42


  • wasting time » lh ; mc
    58.2K 4.2K 27

    michael clifford is an arrogant asshole and luke hemmings just wants attention.

  • the last brushstroke destroys the painting [muke af]
    212K 20.3K 40

    "You're his beauty in an ugly world." or when artist!luke has a thing or two to teach artist!michael.

  • lost [muke af]
    402K 27.8K 35

    "because I have a L on my wrist, I think it's you."

  • the boy with the white eyes [muke af]
    504K 31.6K 40

    daddy!michael has trouble keeping baby clifford quiet.

  • Please Take Me Home
    231K 9.7K 32

    Summary: 'please take me home, too late, it's gone, i bet you're sad, this is the best time we've ever had.' ••• All Luke ever wanted was to be friends with the strange boy who drew batman and didn't own nice things but as they both grew up, all Luke ended up wanting was Michael... highest stats: #35 in fanfiction ||...

    Completed   Mature
  • thinking about you [muke af]
    449K 27.3K 45

    michael has a thing for his teacher's assistant.

    231K 18.6K 32

    In which Michael is innocent, and doesn't speak up for himself and Luke is protective over him. innocent!mikey protective!luke PUBLISHED SUMMER 2015 ©copyright gayboyharry

    Completed   Mature
  • Sinners ➢ MUKE
    240K 12.5K 37

    3:00am; the hour of the devil. michael clifford, the devil himself. | Copyright © mgcthood, All rights reserved 2014

  • panties [ muke ]
    541K 24.5K 17

    where innocent luke never thought wearing panties would be harmful but apparently it is when he puts on unknown shows for his neighbor, michael. { 1st place summer bromance awards 2015 } [ highest ranking; 38 in fanfiction ] [ cover by; brontides ]

  • Window To Window | muke au
    445K 27.1K 18

    Luke and Michael are neighbors who both have a tendency to leave their windows open. Fanfiction #9

  • blind :: muke au
    3.9M 158K 33

    ❝i'm blind,❞ luke muttered. ❝nice to meet you, blind. im michael.❞ © 2014 michaelsvans {#1 fanfiction - 9/28/14} {#8 teen fiction - 9/18/14} cover by @michaelclifford

  • Skips A Beat ::Wattys2016::
    13.4K 838 37

    "So this is life. Moving on with or without you." 11k reads, thank you so much!

    Completed   Mature