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  • You And I ( Urban )
    323K 12.2K 24

    Adonis is a smart , charming young man just trying to make it out of highschool. Hes always been about his school work and never nothing else. When he meets Duhwayne his life will completely turn around. Duhwayne is the complete opposite of Adonis. From his party animal ways to his anger issues these two just can neve...

    Completed   Mature
  • Someone Like You (BoyxBoy) DISCONTINUED
    32.5K 1.1K 10

    TayShawn Carter was a ladies man. He had all the hoes after him ever since freshman year of high school. Then he met Kayla and there was something about her that pulled him in and he cuffed her. Once TayShawn hears that Kayla's cousin, Apollo is coming he isn't very excited about the invasion of his privacy. Apollo i...

  • Dark Paradise |Royce| [DISCONTINUED BECAUSE TRASH]
    25.7K 1.3K 14

    *** this story is discontinued, no further updates will occur.*** "Keep you head up. Keep your heart strong." I still don't know how I will... DISCLAIMER: This was my first boyxboy. It's not the best

  • Mindless Behavior one shot Images boyxboy ( Complete)
    605K 6.7K 93

    It will make you wet has hell so get ready to change your panties

    Completed   Mature
  • I Can't... (PrincetonxRoc Story)
    34.3K 518 9

    A Bromance.. Taken To The Next Level. Dont Read If This Kind of Stuff Doesnt Flow With You. I Repeat, ❕DO NOT READ IF HOMOSEXUALITY BOTHERS YOU❕Enjoy

  • Va Va Voom.
    206K 4.6K 16

    (BoyxBoy) I began crying even more while burying my head into my pillow. I feel so alone and so confused. What would the managers think of me? What would the fans think? Oh gosh. I couldn't take all of that distress if they had found out. Worst of all...what if Roc found out?

  • Take Me As I Am | Mindless Behavior |
    179K 3K 15

    I ran my fingers through my hair , and sighed "What do you mean ?" "I mean I can't do this anymore Prince , this just isn't me " he said taking a deep breath "Do what , huh Roc ? " I screamed "Love me the way I love you ?" "Exactly Prince , ex- fucking - actly . I'm not gay , I like girls . I'm sorry " he said sta...