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  • Hidden Feelings - Dramione
    383K 11.9K 26

    During the Wizarding War, Ron Weasley dies after confessing his love for Hermione. Draco admits he loves Hermione and Harry kisses her. Hermione know's Ron would be happy if she chose Harry but she can't ignore her feelings for Draco. She thinks and believes she loves Draco but she needs to hide her feelings and vulne...

  • Ed Sheeran's sister (Harry Styles)
    165K 4.8K 20

    (Major editing needed.) ....-Elexa is the little sister of Ed Sheeran. When Ed comes back from his tour he asks Elexa if she wants to come back to London with him for a bit. Of course she says yes because she is very adventures and wants to meet some more of her "friends" from YouTube . When Ed and her go to London sh...

  • Small Bump (An Ed Sheeran Fan Fiction)
    71.6K 1.1K 12

    Jenny and Ed have been through alot... They love each other. Their best friends are One Direction and their girl friends. Jen is ill-tempred. What happens when that mixes with the ultimate suprise? (I suck at these, read the story it's better)

  • UNI (Ed Sheeran Fan Fiction)
    25.4K 526 10

    SEQUEL TO SMALL BUMP! Read Small Bump first to get a feel of Jenny and Ed's beginning struggles, and see how the two struggle because of UNI.

  • Lego House (An Ed Sheeran FanFiction)
    37.4K 665 18

    It isn't easy being in relationships. Even harder being in relationships with celebrities, who go on tour, and have to do publicity stunts and other things without you. The couples face hard times, and crazy trials as they all try to rebuild their relationships, like a Lego House.