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  • Crossing Borders
    500K 10.6K 23

    As a child there's just you, your parents and your friends. Unfortunately, it wasn't the case for the little orphan Astrid. After years of dreaming for the perfect parents for her and her twin brother, she spent a short time in paradise with her adopted parents until she was taken to Russia to be trained as the best...

  • A Strong Alpha for Twin Omegas- Book three of the twins series boyxboy
    526K 22.1K 27

    Twins Tyler and Skyler have been through the worst torture anyone could think of at the hands of an evil alpha. He's dead and gone but what life did he and his select few leave for the boys. Scarred by the past Skyler relies on his brothers protection but what happens when a strong, sexy, alpha male is their mate? Can...

    Completed   Mature
  • A human mate for twin betas - book two of the twins series boyxboy
    811K 30.3K 26

    Lonely is how Tim usually feels. The only time he's really happy is when he's at school with his few real friends. But he's just graduated and is going to go to the local college with two of his best friends. Life is just passing for Tim and he can see no change coming. Twin betas Rory and Mason help run the pack alo...

  • Twin mates for twin alphas - book one of the twin series boyxboy
    1.6M 56.5K 33

    After one horrific night, wolf twins Luka and Lucas had to run for their lives. The worst part was hearing their parents screams as they left. Alone for a whole year they make their way smoothly. On the night of their first change things take a turn but is it for the worse or the better? Twin alphas Damon and Dante a...

  • Master Blackstone
    561K 5.1K 14

    This is a series of one shots, they go together and don't at the same time there is ManxMan, ManxGirlxMan (yay ménage!!) lots of BDSM too!!! DON'T LIKE EITHER OF THOSE DON'T READ AND WHINE ABOUT IT XD please proceed with caution hotness may melt eyeballs o.0 also suggest reading in private or awkward situations may a...

  • Between Master and Slave (manxman, boyxboy, Pg)
    204K 4.6K 47

    Joe is still trying to get over his lover Frank when he sells everything and move to Southern Italy to start a new life. A boy gets tricked by the girl he thought he liked into becoming a slave to be auctioned to the highest bidder. A gay man that is trying to carry on with life, a young straight man that is trying to...

  • Sweet Submission
    1M 20.1K 16

    Skyler Sweet is a young man with a sad past. Skyler is finding his way back into the world of BDSM after mourning the loss of his Dominant and Husband of 3 years. He is still not healed from the heartbreak of Henry's death. But he wants to move on and learn to live again. He enters the Room, a local BDSM night club, t...

    Completed   Mature
  • She's the one....wait, SHE!? GxG
    465K 14K 26

    Leah Matthews is a 17 year old werewolf who is desperately trying to find her mate, being the alpha's daughter she's running out of time and is thinking about her fall back plan, if she never finds her true mate. all of that shatters when she gets to school on her first day of her final year, and sees...HER

  • Control (Man x Boy) (BDSM)
    217K 5.6K 8

    Zenix is an 18 year old boy who just really likes living, yes he's gay but he usually doesn't give a damn what people think about him, and things are really getting out of hand until a guy named Victor or Vic comes in and takes Zenix as a pet to try and 'control' or 'break' him. And Zenix's tough guy act finally goes...

  • Healing Submission
    30K 1.5K 4

    In the after math of what happened to Randy while captured and tortured by the Mobster Vor, Bastian must help the boy he's taken as his from the hell he has been put through. Randy is broken and scarred. Bastian is scared that because of who and what he is, a Sadist, that Randy will eventually reject him and his dark...

  • Her Slaves of Love -1D FanFic- /discontinued
    1K 23 2

    Usually in the stories the helpless girl is their slave. But not this time! Serena Alessandro is a girl born from a family of wealth, her parents encouraged her to get a slave because she was lonely. But when her mum comes through the door with five guys, she is really shocked. She has five extremely cute slaves... Di...

  • My Life With My Master (BoyxBoy){EDITING}
    297K 8.9K 26

    DISCLAIMER: This is an older story of mine so there may be things that don't make sense or it's just weird and I'm sorry, I was so young when I started this; but hopefully you enjoy it! A story of a boy who has to work for someone who only sees him as a toy, and has no choice but to obey every order that comes his way...

    Completed   Mature
  • Bound Forever(manxman)
    225K 8.3K 56

    Tony and Gabriel.

    Completed   Mature
  • Nerd in Disguise: Blood Bound
    15.2M 499K 42

    As the only daughter to one of the most powerful Mafia families, Shay has sought to figure out her own path despite the overbearing pressures from her Family. After a family dispute leads to Shay and her mother to go into hiding, Shay attends Elite academy--her own perfect Hell. With an incredibly awful (or ingenious)...

  • Mommy kink (C.T.H)
    19.9K 168 1

    "A-a-are sure about thi-this? What if we get ca-caught?" He asked. Oh so innocently out of breath might I add. "Don't worry.... mommy will take care of it." I smirked as I saw his tight jeans tighten more. Ohh..... Warning: contains sexaul content , violence, and age gap.

  • One-shots!! (boyXboy)
    143K 1.3K 3

    These are just some if the scenes I come up with in my head while I'm bored. Some of these scenes may be used in some of my other stores if I ever get around to writing them!! This is a boyXboy one shot story list so don't like don't read!!!! Some stories may involve unrequited love, BDSM, epic fluff, smut, shower s...

  • The Housekeeper
    39.6K 2.1K 4

    I enter my home, looking forward to having a very long nap. A stench radiates from within my house as humidity beats down on me. As I navigate through the house looking for the woman who was supposed to have had everything clean before I got home, my anger rises. I approach my bedroom and open the door quickly to fin...

  • Trust Me (boyxboy, werewolf)
    1.6M 53.1K 38

    Cover Cred- @magenkop Austin goes through a lot each day. Although his little group of friends he has are some of the most popular doesn't really matter in his case. He is openly gay and his dad beats him all the time for that and lots more reasons. He also gets beat at school secretly as in nobody knows. Now meet Kyl...

    Completed   Mature
  • Our Boys
    3.3K 54 1

    Four boys that don't have any control in some way or another are going to find the courage to change their lives and be bold in a way that they never would of expected when they meet two gorgeous dominant women that think they are simply... Delicious. Or the story where Harry, Liam, Zayn and Niall meet female dominate...

  • The Mystery Fighter
    5.9M 194K 33

    After she tragically loses her mother, Cassie turns to street fighting-but she soon learns that the biggest fights happen outside the ring. ***** Seventeen-year-old Cassandra Haynes has never been one to follow the rules. Constantly on the brink of...

  • Dominatrix
    6.9K 72 4

    About a woman who dominates all, but comes across one she cannot dominate. He tries to get into her and her brother's lives, but she continues to push back. He refuses to let her go and she refuses to tell him the deep dark secret that is between her, her brother, and there dead parents.

  • The Girl Next Door
    1.2M 9.3K 6

    Dasia Hamilton. She was the most popular & wanted girl in the school. A cheerleader. Beautiful hair & flawless skin. Perfect teeth & body. She was who every girl wanted to be & every boy wanted to have. Her world turned upside down when a new girl moves next door, making Dasia question her sexuality. Would she still...

  • Dating the bad girl.
    17.5M 264K 43

    You've heard of when bad boy meets good girl....but have you heard of when bad girl meets good boy? When Nolan met Danielle he expected nothing. Little did he know this one girl would change his perfect five year plan. She was bad. Sexy and tattooed. She was everything Nolan was not. Nolan was a virgin while she was a...

  • The Chastity Club
    2K 44 49

    It's about Five women who has one foot in church and one foot out; constantly yielding to the sins of the flesh!

  • The Elementals
    1.4M 82.3K 77

    My name is Tide. I'd love to say hi and all, but if I tell you my location two very bad things could happen. First, someone who isn't really on my list of favorite people might find the information. Then, they would hunt us down and try to use our powers to take over the world and other maniacal things. Yeah, not so...

  • Mistress. (Lesbian Story)
    376K 1.9K 7

    Keara is not her only sub (not that Keara knows that), but she is certainly the most interesting...

  • FemDom Oneshots
    335K 4.1K 24

    I'M TIRED OF ALPHA MALES! WOMEN CAN BE PREDATORY AND DOMINATING TOO. THEY CAN BE THE LEADERS IN A RELATIONSHIP, GODDAMMIT! Alright, now that I have vented, let's get down to business. There will be: BDSM, S&M, and all of that jazz, along with plain vanilla relationships with women wearing the pants. I will not do gxg...

  • Waiting For The Beast (Lucifer's Clock Series, Book 1)
    1.1M 38.8K 30

    What if the Bible has it all wrong about the Anti-Christ? What if this person is female and what if she actually has a choice? Meet A.C. a.k.a Angelica Cunningham Angelica is drop dead gorgeous, lives in a sprawling mansion with her two aunts, attends a prestigious private school, is an A student and excels at e...

  • Witch Song (Witch Song #1)
    1.3M 36.2K 37

    Brusenna is the last. All the other witches have been captured, their songs stolen and twisted from harmony and growth into chaos and death. She alone must stand against an evil much older and darker than anything she could ever imagine-an evil every witch before her has failed to vanquish. In that, Brusenna must be...