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  • A Trio Of Tigers: Blood-arc Series, #1 - (BoyxBoyxBoyxBoy)
    291K 12.8K 15

    Stealing, lying and running away is all that Gunner knows. Gunner has been a thief since he was old enough to walk, and strangely enough he loves every part of it. He knows it's wrong to steal, but it's the only thing that has kept him on his feet and alive all these years. He doesn't have a choice. On one of his tri...

  • St. Salvatore's Academy for Boys II: Lapsis [boyxboy]
    42K 898 2

    It's a new adventure at St. Salvatore's Academy, and Zeke hopes to smooth the year out by spending that time with his boyfriend, Matthew. Unfortunately, it would seem Matty still doesn't trust Zeke. And to make matters worse, a new student arrives at the school, but with a dark agenda that might just plunge the boys i...

  • Setting Them Straight [boyxboy]
    298K 7.6K 17

    This story is set to be REWRITTEN. My apologies.

  • Daydreams [malexmale]
    309K 7.2K 7

    Renamed "Daydreams", this collection of strictly boyxboy oneshots will contain things from the smutty to the fluffy, from the supernatural to your run-of-the-mill high school sweethearts. There will also be oneshots in here that are connected to my other stories too! Think of them as bonus candies~ Warning: Contain ad...