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  • My Stolen Innocence ( Game of Love Series #2)
    2.1M 58K 53

    My mother once told me to marry a man that loves me more than i love him. And here comes Zeus anthony alonzo, stealing my innocence and breaking my princples.

    Completed   Mature
  • Begging for His Love (Published under Pop Fiction)
    4.7M 13.9K 7

    Is it bad to change myself because of him? Is it bad to give everything to get him? Is it bad to beg for his love... If I knew from the start I couldn't mend his broken heart?

  • Business Wife
    2M 34.4K 47

    Everyone wants to be me. Who wouldn't? I've got the looks, sexy body, money and Andrew Maru Ottave, my husband. Pero kung malalaman lang siguro nila kung sino at ano talaga ang nangyayari sa buhay ko, I doubt na gustuhin pa nilang maging ako. Bata pa lang ay alam ko na na wala akong karapatan na mamili kung sino ang...

  • Collection of One shots
    983K 13.7K 19

    These are stories na nagpop out lang sa aking utak. kayo na ang bahalang umintindi!!! A. Paige's Forever pt 1 A. Paige's Forever pt 2 A. Paige's Forever pt 3 B.Chasing you C. Loving Miss Bridge D. Lucy Found Hers (si Lucy mula sa Royale Series 11: Perfectly captured) E. Hot bachelor 1: Second Chance (Cash Ventura) F...

  • ★ Stories Worth Reading ♥ Completed ♥ My Favorites ★
    828K 1.9K 113

    These are the stories I've loved and have enjoyed reading in wattpad. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for you. I swear you're gonna love and enjoy it as much as i did or more. :) Made by Filipino writers so expect the stories written in Tagalog or Tagalog-English. AND these STORIES are already COMPLETED so you have no worries of c...

  • Must Read Stories - Kathniel Version
    1.3M 2K 199

    Mga story suggestions lang to. May one shots din dito.(c) imMe26. Message me if you have some suggestions :) All Rights Reserved 2013.

    289K 1.4K 1

    Here you can find a free soft copies of our favorite authors. PDF files, Txt Format and Docx Format. Credits goes to our favorite authors.

  • Emoticons for Chatting on Meebo :)
    77.4K 3.1K 1

    Not a Book. Guide. The emoticons on here will only work when used on Meebo chat, at the bottom.

  • Prom Night
    221K 5.2K 1

    Bata pa kami inaaway na niya ko. Kinukurot. Sinisilipan. Binabato ng eraser. Napipikon ako lagi. Umiiyak. Nagsusumbong sa teacher. Nung grade one umiyak ako kasi hinila niya yung pigtails ko. Isang beses nung grade three hinila niya yung upuan ko kaya napaupo ako sa sahig. Minsan nung grade five niregla ako, nakita...