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  • The House Of Hades
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    The seven half-bloods were sent on a quest to stop Gaea. But along the way, they discover that Nico Di Angelo has been captured. They saved him, but that came with a price, as Percy Jackson and Annabeth Chase fell into Tartarus. Now the five demi-gods, along with Nico, are traveling to the House of Hades, to hopefully...

  • The House of Hades (Fan-Fiction)
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    {completed} ✓ When the great seven demigods of the new Great Prophecy went to save Annabeth from Arachne, they didn't realize that two of the world's strongest demigods would fall into Tartarus. Barely clinging to life in the hellhole, Annabeth Chase promised to herself that she would get out of Tartarus with her boyf...