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  • Celestial Sisters
    201K 15K 40

    September 14th has been known as a time of great tragedy for the Goodwin family. After all, it was on that treacherous day that Nathaniel Goodwin was found dead on the floor of his study, it was also when Tommy Young mysteriously vanished and the day Twyla Goodwin became the single biggest terror in all of New Brooks...

  • The Dark Warlock: The Nox Haven Series
    549K 35.5K 35

    Destiny. It was a funny thing. I had always thought that I could create my own destiny. But after attending my junior year at Nox Haven, I knew that wasn't possible. My destiny was written two hundred years before my birth, when my ancestor- The Dark Warlock- created a cult of Dark Ones. It was my destiny to rid the...

  • Hunting the Witch Hunter
    12.7K 813 5

    I'll always remember the day I damned mankind as the day I nearly died of frostbite.... Viola Boudaire was never supposed to be found. It was her destiny to be frozen in time, while the rest of the world continued on. As years passed memories of her turned into terrifying nightmares. Those affected by her dark magic w...