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  • Luna Serenity | ✓
    67.8K 3.9K 29

    "Did I not just answer that two seconds ago? You know what I will answer more of your burning questions when we clean and bandaged you up." "Erm lemme think...NO!" "No?" "Your not going anywhere near us psycho." "Erm I think I am." "No you're not." "Wanna bet?" He said slowly walking towards me. "Alright how...

  • Dream of a Dynasty
    20.2K 805 22

    Mong Dynasty thrived for centuries. However, like many powerful families, rifts and the temptation of power slowly eroded away the golden aura and revealed the cracks of evil and the power struggles that ripped the foundation apart. Crown Prince, Mong Bai-Lian and the Second Prince, Mong Bai-Ling. Mong Bai-Lian worked...

  • Dreams
    46.3K 1.7K 23

    She was a well-known child of the Ley family. Her innocence and radiance smile was known to make even the toughest criminal confess to their sins. But that was before. The Ley family, annihilated in one night. "I swear I'll find the person who did this and take revenge!" Mikayla Ley starts to walk the path of revenge...

  • Flower
    4.2K 215 11

    What would you do if someone took over your body and all you could do was watch?

  • Breathe in the Unsaid
    8.6K 1.5K 20

    ||Highest Rank - #44|| Some words don't need to be said while some words are better left unsaid.