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  • My Husband is a Mafia Boss
    192M 3.6M 66

    Si Girl - may pagka-childish, slowpoke, exaggerated mag-isip, accident prone, sweet, mabait, super friendly, hindi nauubusan ng energy, positive thinker pag dating sa mga problema. Si Guy - mature, seryoso, hindi ngumingiti, bossy, masungit, snob, magaling mag-handle ng mga bagay, a perfect decision maker, hindi nakik...

    Completed   Mature
  • Perfect Haters Book 1 (Part 1 Published under POP FICTION)
    46.2M 523K 92

    (Wag kayong malito kung ano ang pagkakasunud-sunod ng PH books.) Simple, top student and role model for many - she's Alexa. A girl who has everything she ever wanted but still keeping her feet on the ground. She promised herself not to love again after a traumatic experience she had about her first love. She hates me...

  • Hot And Cold [Completed]
    10.6M 260K 47

    X10 Series: Dustin Lloyd Jimenez Side story of Accidentally Inlove With A Gangster. [[Story of Chloe and Dustin of X10]] Who will fall inlove easily? Ms. Hot or Mr. Cold? TV5's Wattpad Presents: Hot And Cold [Mini Series (May 18-22, 2015)] - Ella Cruz as Chloe - Bret Jackson as Dustin - Keann Johnson as Warren May 18...

  • Project Fat Suit
    27.3M 588K 50

    Serena Davidson leads two lives. At school, she's a morbidly obese, stupid, nerdy, bitchy, slutty, and a teacher's pet. But at home she's the scrawny vegetarian pushover. What would possess someone to wear a fat suit every day? And what happens when someone finds out?

  • The Assassin [BOOK 3]
    935K 10K 85

    [Little Miss Gangster Sequel] *NO SOFTCOPY* © 2013 by iammejlyn Kumiko's life changed after she got married with Kiyoshi. She thought it's already a happy ending, but it it turns out so different. She's a yakuza, a Japanese gangster, and he's an assassin. They have the same stupid-weird-not-normal-life. Will she giv...

  • The Love Project
    13.1M 286K 53

    "I don't know how to love," sabi niya. "Then I'll teach you how to love," sagot naman ng isa. (Completed: Cass Scott Story) Original Version: Date started: November 2, 2012 Date ended: November 4, 2013 Revised: March 10, 2015 - April 1, 2015

    7.5M 53.7K 64

    [Accidental Romances Series Book I] - SPLIT INTO FOUR PARTS; PART I PUBLISHED UNDER LIFEBOOKS; ADAPTED INTO A WATTPAD PRESENTS: TV MOVIE [Summary] Naranasan mo na bang magkaroon ng isang relationship na aksidente lang nangyari? Yung tipong pinaglaru-laro lang ng tadhana upang gawing exciting ang buhay mo? Yung tip...

  • Falling For The Opposite [PUBLISHED]
    21.6M 548K 44

    Published under Pop Fiction/Summit Media. She's rich, he's not. She's the student body president, he's struggling to pass math. She's the queen bee, he's the loner in school. Celeste Graham is on the top of the high school food chain. Students look up to her, but some just plainly feel intimidated. Being popular...

  • A Gangster's Kiss [Book One]
    2.8M 46.3K 52

    it all started with an accidental call. then followed by an accidental kiss.. then suddenly you're now an accidental girlfriend of this hot gangster. woah! A story taken from the manwha: Do you want to try? credits to miss Cha Kyung Hee. and to her hardworking staffs. :")

  • Dating Alys Perez (PUBLISHED)
    44.6M 722K 50

    (Seducing Drake Palma Book 2) "Hindi na ako magpapadala sa 'yo, Drake. You're just going to make me fall then smash me into pieces once again." It's been four years since Alys graduated from St. Claire's High. And by now, naka-move-on na siya mula sa first serious relationship niya no'ng high school. She now has a ma...

  • Black Butterfly
    20.9M 313K 77

    "Just like in highschool, if you have the rooftop, it means that it is your territory and there would be no one to stop your ascension...but, standing at the top gives bittersweet feelings too in between your glory and your sorry." --- Black Butterfly (Bella Echizen Smith) Copyright 2011-2020

  • Two Hours More
    2.9M 14.8K 73

    Para sa mga bawal pa makipagrelasyon. Para sa mga nakipaglaban sa ngalan ng pag-ibig. Para sa mga pusong minsang napuno ng takot. Para sa mga pusong sumisigaw ng kalayaan para magmahal. © All Rights Reserved June 2011

  • My Vice President is a Bully
    1.2M 14.3K 44

    Everybody has secrets. Especially me.

  • My Robot Boyfriend [COMPLETED]
    299K 4.1K 56

    TRUE LOVE WAITS. TRUE LOVE NEVER DIES. ©My Robot Boyfriend by Moichido_san9

  • Random song lyrics
    6.8K 73 53

    Putting random song lyrics here~ Any suggestions? Just comment!

  • Married to an idol (Published)
    3.9M 58.8K 44

    Married to an idol (Published under LIB/Pastry Bug)- Available in all National book stores and Precious Pages store. :) Hana Kim and her parents used to live in Korea and as years passed by, they migrated in Canada. She loves Photography and she studied it for a year. When she became a photographer, she decided to wor...

  • My Fiancé Since Birth(Completed)A published book under LIB/Pastrybug
    8.8M 129K 51

    Van o Vincent? Hindi malaman ni Alex kung sino sa dalawa ang kanyang pipiliin. Si Van na fiance nya mula nang isilang sya o si Vincent na kanyang master na ubod nang suplado . Si Van na alam nyang mahal sya o si Vincent na itinitibok nga ng kanyang puso ngunit alam nyang masasaktan lang sya dahil may fian...

  • The SAINTS
    5.7M 12.3K 5

    Hindi kami santo.... Pero wala kaming sinasanto -- S.A.I.N.T.S. If they are trained to kill! Can they be also trained to love?

  • Now Taming: Casanova - Book 2 (FIN)
    490K 8.2K 92

    This is Book 2. FINISHED. Please read TAMING OF A STARR before proceeding. Jared's world was shattered when his one and only true love left him three years ago. One by one, his friends starts moving on and he's the only one left tied up to his past. Moving on can never be his option during these years and when he fin...

  • The Billion-Dollar Marriage Contract [SAMPLE ONLY / FREE ON TAPAS!]
    10.8M 181K 34

    [TEASERS] Doomed from the start... Nikos Demakis and Cassia Andrade were married under a billion-dollar company merger contract. Nikos isn't ready to give up his playboy lifestyle, and Cassia is far from the glittering socialite that their elite circle expects. Events force them to live separate lives. Ten years later...

  • I'm Courting Mr. Ice
    2.6M 15.2K 39

    It's ironic. Maria Clara ang pangalan niya pero kabilagtaran siya ng mga katangian ng isang Maria Clara. Si Maria Clara ay boyish, maikli ang buhok, palamura, barumbada, at sobrang astig (daw ayon sakanya). Maraming nag-aakala na tomboy siya. Siya mismo ay ganun ang tingin sa sarili noon, bago niya nakilala si Bryan...

  • Secretly Married (Completed, 2011)
    91.2M 1M 88

    Language: Filipino Started in July 2011 | Finished in December 2011 Published in English for paperback (Pop Fiction, 2013) Adapted in Indonesian for paperback (Penerbit Haru, 2016 & 2018) Blurb: Phoebe Bernal shares a secret with one of the biggest stars in the country, Kent Fuentabella. Their secret? They've been sec...

  • Another Wizard's Tale
    976K 9.2K 3

    Beginning of Never-Ending

    6.2K 191 26

    Jap Villarin has everything. He thinks he owns the world. It's suddenly change when he met Shin Yoshida Nograles, an enigma in his life. They are exactly opposite. Sa planet Earth siya nakatira samantalang mukhang galing pa ito sa planet Neptune. May maamoy ka tayong romance between these two?

  • Campus Nerd To Campus Princess (Published)
    18.5M 282K 105

    Published under Pop Fiction

    Completed   Mature