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  • bus ride + hemmings
    12.6K 672 6

    he was forced to sit next to her everyday home on the bus because of a dare

  • falling + hemmings DISCONTINUED
    131K 1.7K 22

    “ — in which a girl and a boy end up on the ground and he gets up with her number in his pocket, even if not intentionally. ©muketapes ; june, 2014

  • blinded + hemmings
    17.5K 689 19

    a story about two teens with broken hearts meet in a diner with the same old lady for a waitress and something brewing for a newly-found relationship.

  • odious + clifford
    2.8K 161 4

    “ — in which a girl has a dark mind and a boy falls in love with her strength ” ©muketapes ; january 28, 2015.