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  • Between Kenny x Craig - A threeway (South Park FanFiction)
    79.7K 1.3K 27

    WARNING: Sexual content. She moves in with two hot, gay guys. Is it going to be awkward or sexy? Both. Yes, it's going to have Kenny x Craig yaoi. Don't be a homophobe.

  • Superhero Secret - Septiplier
    156K 7.7K 31

    Mark and Jack are your seemingly normal college roommates, until the nights roll around. With power that human nature can't describe, they have to dodge questions and the arched eyebrows of confusion from eachother to keep their secret safe. This story was inspired by an AU- "Two characters are roommates and are hidin...

    Completed   Mature
  • He's a She?!?!(South Park FanFic)[DISCOUNTINUED]
    735 2 10

    At the end of The Stick of Truth the Boys come to Stans house for a Huge slumber Party,and they of course invited Douchebag. They dare "him" something finding out he's a she!!! DISCLAIMER:SOUTH PARK DOES NOT BELONG TO ME!!!

  • Fever Fluff Boris X Mugman
    44K 1.1K 15

    Mug Has Come Down With A Fever And Boris Is there To Take Care Of Him, Since CupHead Is Out Of Town Lemon/Smut Warning

  • Drunk Enough? (Boris X Mugman)
    118K 3.8K 83

    there's a huge party for the start of the new year, but with it comes new challenges and new romance Bendy: 20 Boris: 16 Cup: 23 Mug: 18 Felix: 32 Oswald: 31 Micky: 26

  • La Alianza De dos Raros Hermanos (CUPHEADXMUGMAN)
    783 58 1

    La historia Que te ARA llorar :'v (Ntc xd)

  • The Loud House: Nightmares
    61.8K 621 12

    Lincoln had nightmares of bad times when he messed up and made his sisters mad at him. After seeing Death the Reaper (my oc) in his nightmare, he decided that it would be best if he leave them alone and didn't get involved in their problems anymore and making things worse for them and hating him more. For two weeks, h...

  • 🖤R A N D O M🖤
    10.6K 178 37

    Good luck friend, YOUR GONNA NEED IT

  • SuperMarioGlitchy4 X Mario. 50 Flavers Of Spaghetti
    6.3K 55 4

    Glitchy comes out of the closet to Starman.

    Completed   Mature
  • Expecting
    19.9K 887 25

    (SECOND BOOK OF THE SUPER HERO SERIES) So this is the sequel of 'Saving Love' and well the Humane Lab Humans (HLH) tested a male owl and a male raccoon and they had a baby. CRAZY RIGHT? But what happens when the same thing happens to these love struck heroes? And is Delirious and Vanoss able to hide it from their frie...

  • The Sick Sans Book (+AUs)
    82.4K 1.6K 41

    As the title says - Sans is sick : Papyrus is the main caretaker in these oneshots, but who knows? . . Many of these were written while I was very young - the book is still being updated as of 2020 though, so the more recent ones are much better!

  • A Star Nomad And Pine Twins? {WOY + GF}
    4.6K 167 15

    Hey guys, since I loved the TV show GF and Wander over Yonder I thought of making a fan fic so please enjoy! :) Edit: Words cannot express how happy I am for reaching a thousand views. Thank you! :>

  • Jimmy Casket- Blood Lust - A VenturianTale Fanfic
    38.8K 897 31

    A young man named Johnny Ghost, is trapped in his own body, with no control over what he does, what he says, or where he goes. A young man named Jimmy Casket is in Johnny's body, their souls combined into one. Johnny let the madness control his life, Jimmy controlled him. The only remaining soul is JIMMY CASKET

  • A Tale of Venture (Venturiantale Story)
    7.1K 193 19

    The Fyres, like always, are playing Gmod together, acting out a huge adventure for P.I.E. But, they soon find out there's something much more terrifying than Isaac being the Toilet Toucher. I don't own the characters, they belong to Venturiantale.

  • SQUAD (An Angry Birds FanFic)
    4.3K 100 13

    It's a lotta stories from the WHOLE Angry Birds Squad. The squad grows bigger, and bigger by the time. But, the stories were only imagines (not based on the movie). A mix of adventure, romance, mystery, and many more. They've been through ups and downs in their life & they'll make it together. The chapters here are u...

  • Moosecraft's revenge
    5.8K 264 25

    When Virtual freddy attacked and knocked out jay and moose, he took jay,golden freddy and lolbit to the Afton robotics factory leaving moose in the ground and Virtual freddy was forgiven,what about moose? read to find out

    Completed   Mature
  • bijuu mike \ scrub
    276 4 1

    youtuber that loves anime

  • Manic- After a life of crime (Sonic Underground Fanfic)
    205 5 1

    Okay first off this is my first fanfic so please don't leave rude comments.. When manic was born and raised by the theif Pharrell, he was taught to steal. but when he is in jail and his friends but him out he meets the Oracle of delphius then he revealed that he is part of a big hero thing. he reveals he has a brothe...

  • You As Tattletails Owner.
    29K 937 31

    Hi, I'm tattletail. I got myself a new owner. That's you. Hopefully you enjoy it, I'm gonna make more of this one. My fourth story's beginning came from wolfiewolf702. I switched it up a bit but thank you 😃 The picture is not mine, i found it online. It's a Markiplier fan art.

  • Isn't this Forbidden? (A PopularMMOs x GamingWithJen F.F.)
    32.9K 725 58

    •Discontinued• When two souls meet they find a bond. She is the Princess of the Overworld He is the Prince of Twilight They're born to hate each other But their love is stronger They are opposites But opposites attract This is the story of Pat and Jen, two people caught in love, but are forbidden to l...

  • Greenflame.
    5.9K 145 7

  • The Missing One
    1.4K 4 2

    Read this, please. I have no idea why this is rated PG 13 but I only swear at the end. Soooooo yeah. Byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

  • Underswap - Sans and Papyrus
    9.6K 217 3

    *Title says it all C: ~~~~~ US: popcornpr1nce Story: Kai

  • Reset (corisk fanfic) book 1(discontinued)
    7.8K 356 39

    As frisk and Cory reset they notice some odd things that weren't there before one of them being chara with the help of unexpected characters. As they find try the human souls will they save this game from chara or will they all turn into dust. I hope u r determined to find out! Btw this is my first book so I hope...

  • Corisk
    13.5K 558 57

    I loved yin yang199 undertales fan ficton of corisk if to want to know its called Just friends...righ? so go check that out and enjoy guy :).

  • Venturiantale
    1K 11 1

    The v team gets sucked in to a video game!!!

  • Sam Gladiator x Taurtis ONE SHORT (BoyxBoy)
    48.6K 215 7

    Thanks 4 clicking on my story! ^w^ 'I Love You' : September 22,2015 'The Smut!' : September 26,2015 'Another One-Short?' : September 28,2015 'Damn You Wattpad!' October 9,2015 'That Night' : October 13,2015 'Thank You!' : October 13,2015 'SamxDom-Hero' : November 9,2015 'Halloween' : November 1,2015 'Thanks For 3k': N...

  • VenturianTale Chat Room! With Friends! And You Guys!
    233 16 4

    This is a chat room inspired by goombagirl! Basically me and the VenturianTale group ramble about stuff. Plus the fun part about this book is that you guys can be in it! DM me or Comment you character and I'll make sure your in. Bye!