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  • *New Version/Rewrite* Falling Into A Different Destiny
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    (This here is a rewritten book, as well as various stories within it, from my "Falling Into A Different Destiny" book! I love FiaDD and want to keep writing in it, but it's been a while since I wrote for it and my writing has evolved and changed over the years. So, I decided to redo it! I do not own the cover, Underta...

  • Draw your OTP
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    idfk (Wtf is the cover though XD)

  • Hurt (COMPLETED)
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    "Do you even know what it's like to be broken down every single day? Well, I do. And I've been through it. There's only one word to describe what it feels like: Hell. In the beginning, everything seems fine, you feel like you can get through easily, as if nothing's wrong. Then when you least expect it, things go downw...

    Completed   Mature
  • Not so Big Brother
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    "Looks like we meet again, hot head." I smirked as Raph came into view. His head was so red from fuming he could've just explode! "A'right kid, give me back my sai. Now." He growled. "You mean that salad tong? Why? Vegetarian?" All hail me for the amazing comebacks, thank you thank you. "I ain't have no time ta mess a...

  • Twisted
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    (I do not own Undertale or the picture, they belong to their respectful owners.) In this AU, Error never left the Anti-Void. Error never remembered his past or anything before living in the Anti-Void. Only knowing he was a error, what The Voices told him, and how to talk and sleep. He never met Ink, never had the nee...