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  • My Husband is a Mafia Boss
    193M 3.7M 66

    Si Girl - may pagka-childish, slowpoke, exaggerated mag-isip, accident prone, sweet, mabait, super friendly, hindi nauubusan ng energy, positive thinker pag dating sa mga problema. Si Guy - mature, seryoso, hindi ngumingiti, bossy, masungit, snob, magaling mag-handle ng mga bagay, a perfect decision maker, hindi nakik...

    Completed   Mature
  • My Husband is a Mafia Boss (Season 2)
    102M 2.1M 48

    Marriage is normally one's happily ever after in the movies, but for Aemie Ferrer-Roswell, it's just the start of a seemingly unending adventure. Can this sweet Barbie-loving airhead continue to survive the life of being wife to a Mafia boss? *** Many things changed after Aemie Ferrer became Ezekiel Roswell's wife. Wi...

  • A Gangster's Kiss [Book One]
    2.8M 46.3K 52

    it all started with an accidental call. then followed by an accidental kiss.. then suddenly you're now an accidental girlfriend of this hot gangster. woah! A story taken from the manwha: Do you want to try? credits to miss Cha Kyung Hee. and to her hardworking staffs. :")

  • A Gangster's Kiss II : Forever Yours
    1M 18.3K 31


  • SAG+M: She's a Gangster + a MAFIA!?!
    8M 101K 89

    Drandrei Rogatchevski A.K.A Black. She is a Gangster at her young age..after a long year..., at age of 10, his grandfather recruit her in his MAFIA and she become one of PRO veterant killer . Lee jung kim, a Gangster, and leader of Black Alliance, his gang team is in TOP 1 Rank 2 . in Ranking and popular in there...

  • Miss Number 1 in My Heart (EDITED VERSION)
    4.1M 64.7K 63

    SELF-PUBLISHED BOOK Copyright © 2012 by GandangSora All rights reserved. This book or any portion thereof may not be reproduced or used in any manner whatsoever without the express written permission of the writer except for the use of brief quotations in a book review.

  • Always Be My Miss Number 1 [MN1IMH BOOK 2 COMPLETED]
    6M 75.3K 102

    SIGNED STORY UNDER DREAME! Dreame Account: GandangSora ---- After more than 2 years, may kanya-kanya na silang career. And until now, hindi pa rin nagkikita sina Nathan at Miles. Magkita pa kaya sila o tuluyan nang maghiwalay ang kanilang landas? Ito na, guys! Kung nabitin kayo sa Book 1, ito na ang sunod nilang kwent...

  • ABMMN1: After Marriage ✅
    182K 2.9K 6


  • WMAMTG (Unedited)
    12.4M 204K 90

    WHEN MISS ASSASSIN MEETS THE GANGSTERS PUBLISHED UNDER CLOAK POPFICTION I came from a clan of assassins who pledged loyalty to the Takehashi Clan. I am slowly gaining fame for my skills ... But because I almost fail from my last mission ... They gave me a punishment that will change my life forever. They sent me to t...

    Completed   Mature
  • Book 1(AOTU): Angel of the Underworld *Editing*
    905K 17.2K 41

    She's the demon. No one wins over her, but love controls her.

  • Gangster Academy (Published Under Pop Fiction) Book One
    12.8M 244K 60

    The story about the heiress of the world's largest gang and her mission to be the top student without revealing her true identity. Your not so ordinary gangster story. Isang storya na puna ng aksyon, katatawanan, kaastigan, pa-cool na the moves at istorya ng pagkakaibigan.

    Completed   Mature
  • Gangster vs. Assassin - Published under PHR (Precious Hearts Romances)
    6.2M 107K 49

    Xavier Villareal- a Gangster who is looking for someone who killed his beloved. Xyrene Coltrane- an Assassin who is seeking for answers why her man has been taken away just like that. Two persons looking for answers and the only way for them to know it is to win the battle for two different entities of Underground Soc...

  • When GANGSTERS meet the SADIST
    10.3M 163K 93

    [COMPLETED] Naging MAGULO ang BUHAY ko ng makilala ko ang mga MAAANGAS na to pero aaminin ko naging MASAYA ko ..may POSSIBILITY kaya na MAGUSTUHAN ko ang isa sa KANILA ? sabi sa LAW OF ATTRACTION . do OPPOSITE attracts . Ganun din kaya sa LOVE ? This is a battle between MISSION and AFFECTION. [ NO SOFTCOPIES ]

  • More Than Just A Bet
    21.4M 286K 48

    Their relationship started for all the wrong reasons--ego and money, to be precise. Ara Lian didn't expect that she would fall for an arrogant prick like Liam. Despite real feelings blossoming, circumstances tear them apart. Will they be able to prove that their relationship is more than just a bet? *** Ara Lian Binal...

    Completed   Mature
  • Moving IN with the GANGSTERS [COMPLETED]
    4.1M 55.4K 79

    Nagsimulang magkandabuhol-buhol ang kapalaran ni Helaisha ng dahil sa isang hula. WALANJOOO!!!! Ikaw ba naman ang maging SLAVE ng pinakakinatatakutang gang sa school niyo at idagdag pa na sa mismong bahay ka pa nila titira!!!! Kahit pa oozing hawt sa sex appeal and so deym gorgeous nila, buhay mo pa rin ang nakataya...

  • Purple-Eyed Princess (Published Under Cloak Pop Fiction)
    23M 530K 51

    A girl that has a lot of names.The lady with different faces and a gangster known for ages.She's calm,fearless and ABNORMAL?! What will happen if the 'purple-eyed' girl meet the 'one of a kind' boy?Will SHE love his 'stupidity' or HE will fall in her 'abnormality'?

  • Apostle Thirteen: The Return of the Queen
    10.8M 207K 75

    The Queen is back! One year has passed since Lyra regain her memories as Bloody Maria and she will do whatever it takes para bawiin ang lahat ng nawala sa kanya. But things wouldnt be easy as before as the Apostles started to reveal theirselves including Ophiuchus. Will she be ready to welcome again the Hell? Book two...

    Completed   Mature
    6.4M 72.1K 52


  • We're Married (Published)
    19.5M 169K 60

    WATTPAD PRESENTS: NOV 2-6, 2015 ❤ PUBLISHED UNDER LIB/PASTRYBUG BOOK 1 - P99.75 BOOK 2 - 109.75 "Kasal nga kami pero hanggang papel lang. Hawak ko nga ang apelyido nya pero hindi ang puso nya. Malapit nga lang sya sa akin pero hindi ko sya kayang abutin. May mga mata nga sya pero kahit kailan ay hindi nya makikita ang...

  • Good Girl Gone Bad (PUBLISHED)
    36.7M 593K 74

    (For Hire: A Damn Good Kisser Book 2) Meet the new Dana Kathryn Ferrer. A little bit older and wiser, and a lot more confident, Dana-or DK, as she now prefers to be called-is the life of every party. Since he-who-must-not-be-named left her, DK has reinvented herself. Gone is the girl who's always pining for that boy...

    15.4M 455K 55

    Odd name it is and one thing is for sure: Next to his name is nuisance. This story is now available in leading bookstores nationwide for only 175php. Please support me! Thank you! Cover illustrated by Aegyodaydreamer.

    Completed   Mature
  • Book 2: He Is Still A Selfish Man (Completed)
    913K 13K 38

    My dream finally came true. Your glances, smiles and kisses are all MINE now. Thank you for that night that changes everything. Cause, finally you look at my direction. ----MRS. EMERALD JHOY S. MONTEVERDE

  • Book 1: I Am A Selfish Man (Completed)
    2.1M 33.5K 66

    I always dream that you will be mine, really MINE! –GIRL But, you didn't notice me, even just a single glance. Then, one single night, everything changes and I was given a chance. Will you look at my direction now? Or will you continue to wait and stare at the direction she just left?

  • Ang Alalay Kong Astig! ( Published Under Pop Fiction/Summit)
    24.9M 547K 47

    Blake Monteverde is a living proof that prince does still exist. He is the ideal boyfriend every teenage girl could dream of. He's the man every lady wishes to date. And he is the husband every woman aspires to marry. He's handsome, intelligent, cool and above all a sole heir of a billion-peso worth company. His elite...

  • SFLL
    15.5M 137K 50

    I was vulnerable when I met him. I was suffering. I was grieving. He made me forget the pain. He gave me PLEASURE to forget the PAIN. It seemed so wrong but felt so right. Warning: This story contains mature scenes that may not be appropriate to all readers.

    Completed   Mature
  • Ang Syota Kong Astig! (Published Under Summit/Pop Fiction)
    22.8M 366K 46

    This is the second book of ANG ALALAY KONG ASTIG. A continuation of the love story of the most eligible billionaire bachelor Blake Monteverde and the free spirited skillful fighter police officer Alexandra Valdemor.

  • The Falling Game (EndMira: Ice)
    34.7M 694K 40

    Sa larangan ng larong pag-ibig, hindi palaging ikaw ang mananalo. Makakahanap at makakahanap ka rin ng katapat mong magpapa-iyak sa 'yo.

  • Mapapansin Kaya (Alegria Boys #2) (Published under Pop Fiction, and MPress)
    129M 2.7M 83

    Ilang beses ba nating tinanong ang sarili natin kung mapapansin ba tayo ng mga taong mahal natin? Ilang beses ka ba magtatanong sa buong buhay mo? At ano sa tingin mo ang magiging sagot? "Mapapansin kaya ako? Ang pag-ibig ko? Ang katauhan ko? Mapapansin Kaya?" Paano kung hindi? Paano kung oo? Magkaiba ba ang gagawin m...

    Completed   Mature
  • Baka Sakali 1 (Alegria Boys Series #1) (Published under Pop Fiction, and MPress)
    113M 2.7M 70

    Ang pag-ibig ay parang nagsusugal. Pag sigurado kang mahal mo ang tao, ibibigay mo ang lahat. Ang problema dito ay di mo alam kung may maibabalik paba sayo o wala. Maswerte ang nakakakuha ng higit pa sa inaasahan, pero luhaan ang mga sumugal at natalo. Pero ganun paman, tulad ng sugal, kahit walang kasiguraduhan, mara...

    Completed   Mature
  • Every Beast Needs A Beauty (GLS#1)(Published under Pop Fiction, and MPress)
    140M 2.9M 64

    Bata pa lang ay namulat na si Sunny na tatlong bagay lang ang kailangan niya sa buhay: bahay, pera, at pamilya. Namuhay siyang mahirap sa loob ng labing siyam na taon at ngayong bente na siya ay hindi iyon nagbago. Ang tanging nag bago lang siguro sa kanya ngayon ay ang pagkawala ng kanyang katuwang sa buhay: ang kany...

    Completed   Mature