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  • Ending Innocence (boyxboy)
    206K 5.7K 26

    Luca hides his secrets on his body. Caden just wants to be accepted. What happens when these two meet? One, has to learn to accept his past. The other, has to figure out his feelings. Both have to face their demons. Some will stand in their way. Others will encourage them. Ultimately, they will have to fight if their...

    Completed   Mature
  • Holding Onto You (boyxboy)
    2.2M 84.2K 44

    "So you're blind?" "Yes" "Well just so you know, I'm hot." Hunter has been blind since he was two and has been home schooled all his life. He has grown into a very optimistic blind 17-year-old boy and hates violence for a very good reason. It's his final school year and he wants to go to the school his twin sister He...

  • My Best Friend's Brother [Discontinued]
    267K 7.1K 31

    Permanently discontinued: I'm sorry to everyone who was hoping for a new chapter. It has been more than two and a half years since I last uploaded and unfortunately I can't find any inspiration to continue this story. Personally I don't like the story. I don't like the plot and I don't like the way I've written it. I...

  • The Shy Girl Has a Gun
    41.4M 1.1M 49

    Faith Mitchell was never confident. She was happy to blend into the background, much to the protest of her friends. At 16, her life was a normal teenage cliche. She was in love with Jace, the obnoxious player who she couldn't have, and her biggest worry was whether or not he would finally come to his senses and see th...

  • The Chemistry of Loving You (boyxboy)
    808K 24.2K 40

    I am the famous and great... Luke Fayne Lewis. Well, if your definition of "famous" means you're the center of attention everyday because the popular and homophobic jock Xander Smith is always making fun of me then you'll be correct . So yeah, Xander! What a stupid name but it suits his personality really well. He's b...

    Completed   Mature
  • I Am Bailey Bennett. [LGBT]
    275K 12.8K 13

    Beautiful: Possessing qualities that give great pleasure or satisfaction to see, hear, think about, taste, smell, and to feel. You do not want to see me. When you see me, you see a freak. You do not want to hear my voice, my high hideous voice. Nor do you want to think about me and my disgusting self. Never would you...

    Completed   Mature
  • Where The Lines Overlap (BoyXBoy)
    25.1K 1.3K 11

    Tiberius Reith is a simple kid, leading a simple life with a simple family. Living in a simple home, with a simple school and a simple friend, her simple name being Abbey. How simple. Tonight's the night. The night of his parent's twenty year high school reunion! Things might get a little more complicated for Tiberiu...

  • Love Letters to the Unreal (Yaoi BoyxBoy)
    62.7K 2.5K 11

    Long-distance relationship doesn't work that smoothly. Or so Raul Reanee discovered that in a hard way as his lover lives in another dimension, which technically means he is 'unreal'. Contacting each other over the years through letters, the two youths has developed feelings for each other - despite the fact they're b...

  • "Please do stay" (Boyxboy)
    1.8K 46 10


  • The Fugitive Grandma
    1M 17.7K 67

    Johnny Valentine is a lonely boy who dreams of becoming a hero, just like the masked avengers in his comic books. His feisty grandmother Stella is a retired supermarket clerk and cancer survivor. Running out of time, money and options, the old lady is driven by a fierce sense of justice. Together the boy and his gran...

  • Tone Deaf
    175K 8.5K 14

    Devon Pine and Kyle Carter are two of the biggest stars of their generation. They have sold millions of records each and have girls chasing them from all around the world. They're also sworn enemies; each others' biggest competition. They've never met, but aware of the other's success, and are determined to beat each...

  • The real you (boyxboy)
    5.1K 133 35

    High-school... it’s a time you live through searching and trying to find your true inner self. Most of the time it’s complete hell, but if you give it time you really do grow up and learn things about yourself you never even knew. You have Rider, your typical 18 year-old jock, top on the popularity ladder, confident...

  • Marrying a Businessman (BoyxBoy)
    388K 9.1K 20

  • Baked Love
    8M 353K 42

    Chip Honeycutt has a girly name. That's not the problem; his real problem is hiding the fact that his family owns a bakery. And that he loves to bake. What will happen when a new guy comes along and finds out his secret? Will he tell everyone? Or will he keep it? © 2015 by theCuppedCake. All rights reserved.

  • One More Chance (boyxboy) #HAITUS -ON HOLD-
    3.1K 59 4

    [Tagalog] PAALALA: boyxboy po ang genre ng storyang ito, kung ayaw nyo po sa mga ganun, feel free not to read the story Paano kung natuklasan mo na yung taong ginawang impyerno yung highschool life mo at ang taong minahal mo ay iisa? Handa ka bang mag bigay ng ONE MORE CHANCE sa kanya o kakalimutan mo nalang na minaha...

  • The Runaway Groom [boyxboy]
    28.5K 865 17

    There are two outcomes when you fall in love with your best friend. 1. You'll lose them and they'll hate your guts. or 2. They'll love you back and never leave your side. Will you risk it? This is Book One of the Bestfriend Saga.

  • Life in the Closet [Book 1] [COMPLETED]
    64K 974 33

    See what a boy's decision will be when he faced his problem about his Sexual Orientation. Description inside! :) Cover by @semperfidelis_ Thank you! :D