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  • bangtan preferences
    2.1K 35 12

    bangtan sonyeondan u kno highest rankings - 7 in btspreferences

  • apology
    587K 23.5K 28

    「do you think family can be replaced just like that?」 ©minghaoburgers + winner of the 2016 kpop wattys rookie award highest ranking; #545 in fanfiction as of 120817 lowercase intended

  • Crumbs (a Tom Hiddleston fanfic)
    1.8M 59.3K 43

    Tom and Charlotte have only ever been friends. Really good friends. They lead totally different lives-he's a jet setting actor and she's a no nonsense, flour covered baker. When Tom finds out his fiancé is cheating, he faces an uncertain future. And when Charlie has to return to her hometown to save her business, she...

  • laptop +
    704K 28.3K 20

    + [lowercase intended] ― park jimin decides to steal a laptop from a coffee shop, and look through it only to discover a pretty girl.

  • bellyache | dancers
    8.8K 479 23

    who killed her?

  • LOVERS | sean lew
    100K 2.5K 51

    They were once rivals that just cannot stand the mere presence of one another. But now that the tables have turned and miracles happened, rivals seemed to morph into something greater; rivals turned into lovers. But let's say that this is just the beginning of it all. [BOOK 2 of "Rivals + Sean Lew"]

  • Amavi • sean lew
    4.2K 276 11

    [sean lew ff] in which she has six months to start over. @orionvanessa // 2016.

  • RIVALS | sean lew
    165K 4K 38

    In which a boy and a girl throw daggers at each other with their death glares and snarky mouths every time they come across each other, which was basically all the time. To say the least, they were rivals. #775 in Fanfiction (01.20.18)

  • just like before ⍆ Sean Lew
    3.7K 125 10

    · book 2 · • Sequel to pick me back up "I want it to be just like before, I want you to be mines again."

  • pick me back up ⍆ Sean Lew
    131K 3.2K 65

    • book 1 • UNEDITED "Help me." I look at him. "With what princess?" He asks. "Pick me back up from this horrible dream that is reality." I say.

  • unsent. | sean lew
    16.3K 611 15

    fifteen messages i never sent. completed • june 21 2017

  • soulmates. | sean lew
    67.4K 2.2K 38

    what would you do if you knew the exact moment you were going to meet your soulmate? completed • february 19 2018

  • you. | sean lew
    49.4K 1.6K 34

    in which sean has 30 days to get a girl to fall in love with him. completed • july 19 2017

  • dancer preferences
    194K 6.4K 215

    preferences about kenneth san jose sean lew gabe de guzman will simmons josh price julian de guzman 2017-2018 | completed highest ranks - 1 in mattsteffanina - 4 in kensanjose - 6 in boysquad - 7 in seanlew

  • Paid Escape | Sean Charles Lew
    5.1K 261 18

    "Look. You obviously need a friend and I need an escape, so--" "I don't need a friend." "And what if I paid you?" "How much?"

  • Perfect Pair | Kenneth San Jose
    130K 5.3K 76

    What is the "perfect" pair? What even is perfect? Maybe it's Kenneth, or maybe it's Naomi? Or maybe it's just the way they are together. #1 KENNETH SAN JOSE FANFIC SINCE 2016 ~~ Disclaimer ~~ Kenneth will be 17 in the story so that situations will be more appropriate. I don't like the idea of underage dating, but hey...

  • Dissimilar • sean lew
    22.7K 738 31

    Everything's blurry, but the feelings are real.

    Completed   Mature
  • Imperfect Pair | Kenneth San Jose
    2.7K 156 11

    Now that Kenneth and Naomi has understood that there is no such thing as "perfect" and has been forced to go their seperate ways due to ones guilt, what will happen now? Will Naomi stick to Sean like Kenneth said or will she disobey and continue to love Kenneth? Well there was one thing they knew for sure, they were...