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  • Bucky and His Widow
    12.7K 368 21

    The Avengers all live together in the Avengers tower, some other heroes have joined them, Bucky lives at the tower and other heroes drop by and stay for a while. There is a storyline with the Black Widow and Bucky, but I'm going to follow the cinematic universe for NOW as of 2016 when I began this story, and leave Bl...

  • Sebastian Stan (+ characters) Oneshots
    648K 16.7K 89

    A collection of (mostly) gender neutral (they/them pronouns used) character x reader oneshots featuring: -Sebastian Stan -Bucky Barnes/The Winter Soldier -Dr. Chris Beck -TJ Hammond -Jack Benjamin -Jefferson REQUESTS CLOSED. ||highest ranking : #189 in fanfiction, #1 in 'sebastian stan'||

  • Sebastian Stan & Characters Imagines
    1.5M 49.2K 128

    □■ Imagines about the perfection that is Sebastian Stan and his characters ■□ ■□ Requests are closed ■□

  • Marvel Imagines
    365K 10.9K 41

    Ever wondered how it would be like if you were a character in a Marvel movie/TV show? Ever wondered what it was like to date or be best friends with a Marvel character? Ever wondered what is was like to just be one of them? Look no further. - For female readers (sorry boys) - - Every character belongs to Marvel -