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  • Keep Your Friends Close - What If
    32.5K 690 34

    She was in that dark room, while Gibbs was in another side of the house. She had only a few seconds to see in the mirror that someone else was with her. He grabbed her, covering her mouth with an hand, they fought, and this is what she remembered.

  • Ellick Oneshots
    1.1K 20 3

    oneshots because I'm lazy🙃

  • Ellick Oneshots || Ellie x Nick
    23.3K 375 27

    One shots based off of the infamous Ellick relationship || Eleanor Bishop & Nicholas Torres

  • Ellick one shots💕❤️
    4.6K 83 5

    Just one shots of ellick from ncis😍❤️❤️

  • A Very Special Valentine
    1.5K 34 3

    when McGee and Delilah want a night out for Valentine's day and their baby sitter cancels last minute Bishiop and Toress volintier to watch them and McGee warns them that it won't be any but they believe not

  • Not So Easy
    19.7K 374 20

    Ellie gets pregnant with none other than Nick Torres's baby, but things don't go as smoothly as they should.

  • Taking Chances
    6.7K 183 13

    Nobody knows for sure what's going to happen in the future, be it good or bad. But sometimes, you just gotta be willing to take chances...

  • Ellie x Nick Oneshots
    44.9K 1.1K 51

    Oneshots about Ellie Bishop and Nick Torres from NCIS

  • All This Time
    37.1K 723 28

    A new case for the NCIS. And someone from Bishop's past

  • ellie + nick oneshots
    2K 68 3

    ellie and nick from ncis :)

  • High Tide Aftermath (Ellick)
    3.1K 73 2

    This is the story of what happens with Nick Torres and Ellie Bishop after their undercover mission. (Torres x Bishop)

  • Reuniting our family
    1.6K 53 3

    My version of how season 13 of NCIS ended.

  • One shots (Criminal Minds and NCIS)
    7.4K 179 20

    From Hotchniss to Morcia and Jibbs to Mcabby. Short stories on my favourite couples. "Slow Updates"

  • Family
    33 5 2

    I couldn't come up with better idea for title. So this story has some of Tiva scenes (not in first chapters) . Some of McNozzo. I dont want to say whole story in this description and I'm sorry for bad grammar. Enjoy.

  • I thought you were asleep
    5.7K 251 4

    Another Tiva fanfic, Rule 51: Sometimes your wrong, maybe even wrong about Rule 12?

  • NCIS Challenge
    6K 220 30

    My NCIS 30 Day Challenge!

  • NCIS Short Stories part 2
    6.6K 191 21

    so I wrote an NCIS short stories book a while back, and it seemed to be the favorite of the people. so I'm going to do the same thing again. I will be restarting, so it'll be different situations. this is a jibbs, tiva, and McAbby fanfic. all three will be included. enjoy reading!!!

  • Tiva and Densi (Caskett) ~ Protection.
    18.1K 912 30

    Kensi and Deeks are in danger and Ziva and Tony are send to protect them. In Los Angeles a lot of things change. Will they make it all, what about the tension which is building up very quickly and how will everyone react to all the change? Later Caskett will come in as a major subject as well. I hope you still will be...

    Completed   Mature
  • Tiva ~ short stories.
    9.6K 460 14

    These are some short stories about Tiva, it will be 26 stories. I do it with the alphabet so A- A horse riding contest, B- Barbecue with the team..

  • NCIS Oneshots
    23.4K 570 19

    ncis oneshots

  • Together in Paris
    1.4K 54 3

    A short Tiva story of their vacation in Paris. (After Tony finds Ziva in Paris) Hope you like it

  • NCIS Sleepover
    22.4K 637 8

    Team Gibbs has a slumber party! Abby, McGee, Tony and Ziva all have a slumber party at Abby's house. They play games such as Truth or Dare, Twister, and Cards Against Humanity. They also watch a movie. LOTS of Tiva and some McAbby. Enjoy:-) (warning: this story contains some mature content).

  • NCIS sleeps over...
    22.3K 928 16

    Ok this is a one shot which will probably turn into this MASSIVE story but meh oh well lol! Btw a game of truth or dare is just around the corner ;-)

  • Renovation Time
    23.7K 1.1K 18

    Tony's room need to be painted, and he needs a new parquet. Ziva helps him, but only to win the bet they made... Or is there more going on?

  • Caught On Tape
    2.8K 108 3

    Abby and McGee are watching the security cameras from the squad room and they find something they never expected.. Can they use this evidence to their advantage? ;)

  • Reunited After The Crash - NCIS Tiva
    1.8K 51 1

    This takes place after "Berlin" and is sorta how I sorta pictured it going or how I hoped it would have gone. ;)

  • Till Death Do Us Part
    4.8K 184 9

    Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo and Special Agent Ziva David have been dating for two years. Half of that being behind everyone's back. When Tony finally takes the step into Marriage, will a serial killer take the happy couple away? Or will everything be a happily ever after? © ALL the plots in this story I own and s...

  • Not just the new girl~ NCIS
    14.5K 364 6

    I don't own the characters or anything to do with NCIS this is just a fanfic

  • Tiva Short Stories
    14.5K 475 26

    NCIS Tony and Ziva short stories. Accepts requests!! SLOW UPDATE...