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  • Vampire's Addiction.
    566K 16.5K 29

    Book 1 of "The Addiction" series. Demons. War. Revenge. Dark pasts that have yet to unfold... Elena's life is turned upside down when she is kidnapped and forced to become the slave of a Prince... a Vampire Prince who happens to be next in line for the throne. Alex Skar Redoza is very handsome, powerful and strong but...

  • A Chance Meeting - Vampire Knight (Senri Shiki)
    133K 1.6K 12

    Yuhara Nozomi is a pureblood and has only a few memories of what happened to her in the past. She transfers to Cross Academy to find her friend, Kuran Kaname, and possibly some answers. How will her life as a student turn out with Senri Shiki as her first day guide? How much love will be in the air?

  • Vampire Knight: If Yuki Had A Sister (Completed)
    485K 10.3K 72

    This won't be entirely like the actual manga. I'll try to make it as close to it, but it won't actually be the exact manga. After all this is a fan fic. Vampire Knight characters and manga belong to Matsuri Hino and a few other characters will belong to me. Yuki and Alondra have no memories of who they once were. The...

  • Lady Vampire Knight (Vampire Knight Fanfiction)
    686K 30.8K 101

    Saki is a vampire. She's been one since she was 6. Born a hunter, turned into a vampire, she has a twisted fate. No-one trusts a hunter who is now a vampire. Why should they? She's had her ups and downs, mainly downs, but going to Cross Academy has given her the bumpiest ride of her life. Being a puppet to a purebloo...