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  • Blinded (Montenegro Series #2)
    12.5K 346 40

    •MONTENEGRO SERIES TWO• Bata pa lamang si Irish Klaire Borromeo ay nakaranas na siya ng heartbreak. Heartbreak mula sa tatay niya. Ever since that day, she swear to herself that she will never let any guy again. Until she met Kian Irwin Montenegro, the guy who stole her kiss nung Grade 5 siya. Natagpuan na lang ni Ir...

  • Destined (Montenegro Series #1)
    33.7K 982 36

    •MONTENEGRO SERIES ONE• Si Samantha Arynn Quizon ay kilala bilang isa sa anak ng pamilya Quizon. She is a kind of girl that has everything laid out in front of her. Hindi man lang niya naranasang mag-desisyon para sa sarili niya dahil lahat ng ito ay nakaplano na para sa kanya. She wanted to speak up but never have a...

  • Want You Forever
    36.6K 1.1K 36

    •BOOK TWO (SEQUEL)• Missed oppurtunitues. Isa yan sa mga kinahihinayangan ng tao. Kesyo dapat mas pinili na lang yung ganitong desisyon kaysa sa isa and Kai Buenaventura is one of those people who experience missed oppurtunities. Hindi niya akalain na ganon ang mangyayari sa kanya even if he had all things planned. Ma...

  • Want You Back
    49.8K 1.4K 36

    •BOOK ONE• Love is much sweeter second time around. That's what other people say. Na kaya kayo pinaghiwalay sa unang pagkakataon dahil kailangan niyong maggrow at pinagtagpo kayo ulit para bigyan kayo ng second chance. What if pinagtagpo nga kayo at sobrang laki naman ng pingabago sa inyong dalawa? Date Started: Feb...

  • Sincerely Yours || harlena
    30.1K 1.4K 53

    ~~ A story in which a girl receives a letter from an anonymous writer. ~~ All Rights Reserved. .... Achievements: 5th in the Category Ships in KiwiStyles Awards- 8/13/18 #1 in Anonymous - 5/11/18 #1 in Harlena -8/3/18.

  • 23 || harlena
    171K 6.4K 66

    ---- She was an ordinary girl living with her parents happily in a village that was reigned by a powerful family. Until the day she dreaded the most came, where all girls needed to participate in an activity where they will be tested so that the one whose fitted to be the next heiress could be chosen. She didn't want...

  • Faking It 2 || Harlena
    81K 2.6K 36

    Selena and Harry was separated for years and have different life. BUT One day, they met and memories of them being together flashbacks through their mind by just an eye contact. Will one of them continue to fake it? Will one of them will be honest? Or will the both of them learn to love each other and start not to fak...

  • Faking It || Harlena
    97.5K 3K 28

    Selana Gomez is a girl who loves to do anything just to get a diploma and get out of high school. While, Harry Styles, is your typical bad boy whose always love to play girls. What if one day they crossed paths? What if one day their both lives change in just one decision? Find out more of their story in Faking It. A...

  • My Sex Slave || Harlena
    179K 4.2K 47

    What if one day, you realize you are not free? Not free from the all the things that teenagers usually do. Not free from living your own way. Not free from being... Normal. But, you realize being not free turn out quite good. You realize that being not free make your first in a good way. You realize that being not fre...