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    Life was never easy for Alyssa and Matty, there always seemed to be something testing their relationship. 2020 is no exception to that. A tour, new album and a one year old to raise should be difficult enough but throw in a pandemic to raise the pressure. 3rd book in series, read the other two first: FOREVER, YOURS ...

  • aphasia. ⁽⁽⁽ᵐᵃᵗᵗʸ ʰᵉᵃˡʸ⁾⁾⁾
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    Wary of the decadence and skewed morals that her burgeoning music career might impose upon her, Joanna feels out of place at the rite-of-passage Notting Hill party her new manager has invited her to, until she encounters Matty - practically an old hand in the business, but sweetly untouched by their strange surroundin...

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  • Intertwining Your Soul // Matty Healy //
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    **Smut/Drug Use/Mature Themes** "I see that you are drowning. But I have to walk away. If I jump in to save you, You'll pull me down to stay." -E.P Volunteering at Glastonbury was supposed to be a good way for 22 year old Honey to see a few bands, make memories and support a good cause. But when she crosses paths with...

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    The London Institute is a boarding school located in the heart of the city. It's home to some of the brightest, most talented youths that have a promising future ahead of them. Many of the pupils keep to themselves, studying hard in order to gain entry to some of the most prestigious universities in the country. Other...

  • FOREVER, YOURS // Matty Healy.
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    Alyssa is Dirty Hit's newest edition to the team working on the marketing for The 1975's newest album. She didn't know much about the band when she got the job but her first day in the office gave her all the insight she needed to throw herself into a world she never knew existed. Matty has always been seen as bad inf...

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    SEQUEL TO FOREVER, YOURS. One year later. Alyssa Stevens thought she was getting everything she ever dreamed of. That's until a year from Hell taught her not to count all her blessings on one hand, for all she knew the worst had passed. After everything they'd been through together, a year couldn't change much... cou...

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  • these feelings ❁ M.H
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    Alice finds it hard not to fall in love with Matty all over again, hundreds of times and Matty finds it hard to not show Alice that she's beautiful in every imaginable way.

  • sleepless nights. | matty healy.
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    "The worst thing you can do if you miss or need someone is let them know it."

  • Addiction/Affliction {M.Healy}
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    WARNING: This story contains explicit sexual content. Not recommended for precious little eyes. Please remember to practice safe sex always and don't fall in love with boys like Matty. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ...

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  • W O N D E R W A L L [ m.h ]
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    She was a wallflower and he was her wonderwall.

  • Age of Consent {M.H.}
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    Like basically if Matty was in a John Hughes movie. Cliche teenage scenarios and a lot of fun. I promise.

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  • You (Matty Healy)
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    "You're a good girl, do you know that?" He exhaled deeply with a disbelieving smile, pulling me to lie next to him. "Which is probably why I find you so hot. Those innocent eyes, fuck. I was done for. I always have been." "You don't mean that." I laughed, clambering beneath the sheets. "Ah, always so skeptical. But...

  • Settle Down { matty healy }
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    There once was a girl who loved a man. There once was a man who loved a girl. Both continued to admire each other, Despite the troubles that would be caused if the two were finally together. The girl continued to fall for the man. The man continued to fall for the girl. Such is a cautionary tale, In which the two a...

  • hiraeth || matty healy.
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    complete. hiraeth: homesickness for a home to which you cannot return // "Is she mine?" "Matty, that's the most stupid question I've ever heard you ask. We both know the answer to that." highest ranking: #1 in mattyhealy and #24 in the1975.

  • caught by the river | mh.
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    "Some beautiful paths can't be found without getting a little bit lost first." He said. "Did you get that off the back of a sweets wrapper?" She asked. warning: will eventually have sexual content.

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  • Pretty Kind of Dirty Face {Matty Healy}
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    Matty and Eloise were ships in the night, passing closely but never quite finding each other. That is, until now. "There was a pause in the conversation. I wasn't sure what to say. So I simply didn't say anything. Instead, I stared down at my hands and picked at my chipped red nail polish. When I looked up...

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  • Hired for Healy
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    Anyways, back to the plan. It wasn't a plan, it was a death sentence. He was my death sentence. I'm sure you've heard of the band The 1975. Matty has a bad rep, how could you not when you smoke weed and drink alcohol all the damn time. So apparently I have his mistakes from bar fights and drug abuse, but if it helps o...

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  • Roller Skate || Alex Gaskarth a.u.
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    In which a boy and a girl of polar opposites begin to connect over vinyls, cassettes, roller discos and dancing on the roof during the 90's.

  • Sharing an apartment with Gerard.
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    Carmen thinks she's moving into her own apartment. Free, free from her mum, her dad everything but when an attractive raven haired man turns up at her door she has mixed feelings. (I'm bad at writing descriptions, I know)

  • The Personal Assistant (FINISHED)
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    Gerard Way hires a new personal assistant, but do things get too personal.

    Completed   Mature
  • Demolition Lovers (Frank Iero)
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    Holly is invited to go on tour with My Chemical Romance over the summer. She finally has a chance to start a new life and get away from all her troubles back home. She ends up falling in love with Frank, but will it last with all the pressures of being on tour and all the complications in life along the way?

  • Remembering Sunday // Jack Barakat
    13.8K 369 9

    Although it was years ago, Jack remembered the day like it was just yesterday. He had headed up to his best friends room to see how she was doing, since she had stayed home from school due to sickness; but when he reached it, the entire room was empty. Her clothes were gone, and all that remained was her bed, and des...

  • We're Just Friends (Frank Iero)
    188K 8.3K 18

    Poppy Bryar is a 16 year old girl with a best friend, Frank. Their platonic relationship confuses everyone but each other, but things start to change for Frank when Poppy gets involved with somebody else.

  • Tortured Within (Jack Barakat)
    89.2K 2.2K 24

    Marley is an eighteen year old who just graduated high school. Though relieved school is done with for good, she still feels this emptiness that's been with her for five years now. With a troubled past, she is left with multiple issues. When Jack comes into her life, though, she starts to feel, but she's scared to let...

  • Play With Fire - Alex Gaskarth. Book Three
    67K 2.4K 22

    In the third book singer, Alex Gaskarth and teacher, Charli Anderson find out what it is like to play with fire. How burned will they get?

  • It's about a girl and a guy and they both die, no, wait (Frank Iero FF)
    15K 388 16

    Dr. Death found Juliet almost dead and took care of her until she was okay. After that, she met Mikey and Gerard, and when Ray and Frankie came back, they became best friends. Frankie was always there for her, and one day they stayed locked in the basement and found love in each other. Everything was great until they...

  • Misguided Ghosts // Alex Gaskarth
    20.5K 551 22

    It is said that when two people, one male and one female, have identical charmed necklaces, that the closer they get to each other, the more color illuminates from it. Alex Gaskarth is a traveling musician with his band All Time Low, and he and the rest of the band had packed up and started on the road for the adventu...

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  • Somewhere In Neverland- An Alex Gaskarth Fanfiction
    167K 4.9K 54

    Lola's dream is to be in a successful band and she's so nearly there it hurts. She doesn't care about anything else, or so she thought until she met Alex Gaskarth. At first, she doesn't even know his name, but he saves her life and she can't think anything more of it because she'll never see him again. Yet when her t...

  • Thanks To You || Alex Gaskarth
    171K 4.1K 23

    Alex Gaskarth can't seem to keep it together. His girlfriend left him and now, he's watching his life fall apart around him as his anxiety takes over. When everything becomes too much, he goes to visit his aunt in South Carolina. All he needs is a break from touring and all the memories of the girl he can't stop lovin...

  • Tell Me It's Okay // Haylex
    7.6K 469 35

    After All Time Low failed as a band, Alex Gaskarth lost hope. Him and the rest of the guys were quickly running out of money, and they had to pay for their drinking habit somehow. While standing in line at Target with only two cases of beer, he meets a girl who might help with his situation. [Hayley Williams + Alex G...