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  • In Lands of Old
    541 85 12

    "A tale to tell of wondrous lands, where not one grain of logic stands..." Aya is a Changeling. Born in another world with no memory of how she got to the land of Thalium, she is locked away with others like her and taught that she is a burden on all those outside the prison walls. But one night she escapes, and learn...

  • A Nightingale in the Circus
    4.3K 106 21

    Sarriana Matenano lives in the crowded suburbs of 1936 Madrid. After a fatal accident she is forced to leave the boundries of the city and seek refuge in a circus where she must wrestle with friends, ambition, love and heartbreak. But when civil war rages through the country, will she fight for survival or stay true t...