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  • Just a Nobody (Hayes Grier FanFic)
    5.5M 92.9K 46

    Dani and Hayes have been friends for the longest time but once they get into middle school Hayes forgets about her and finds better friends. When Dani has to stay the night a Hayes' for Christmas feelings come out and the truth is revealed. Will they become friends, a couple or worse, stay strangers. ...

  • Hayes Grier fanfic: After All
    765K 13.4K 73

    Go back to the place where it all began, and learn what it's like to fall in love again. Tell me how I created hurricanes in your heart, tell me how when the waves collapsed on the shores of your lungs you couldn't breathe. Tell me how much you love me. So I can learn to love you again. A SEQUEL TO: Hayes Grier fanfic...

  • Hetalia One-Shots!!
    36.5K 1.2K 48

    This one-shot book has the Prussian Seal of Awesomeness!!! Kesese~ * Hetalia One-Shots. 'Nuff said. :3 * Country x Reader, Country x Country, requests closed!