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  • always // chandler riggs
    78K 2.4K 50

    "there's no such thing as always." abbie is a 16 year old well known actress. she ends up landing a role in the #1 hit tv show, the walking dead. where she meets the one and only, chandler riggs. chandler slowly ends up catching feelings for abbie. she ends up catching feelings as well. but some obstacles will begin...

  • Dixons Daughter
    469K 11.5K 71

    A young girl who is taken from her father is soon reunited with him. She goes through deaths, gunshots, wars, and heartbreak. Carl Grimes is the boy of her dreams, love isn't something her father wants for her but he can't do anything about it. Lacey fights for her life everyday and she's pretty tough. It's not surp...

  • The Last Hope (Carl Grimes fanfiction)
    10.7K 293 29

    Elise Carter stumbles upon a new group in the zombie apocalypse, where she feels an instant connection with the members especially one. Carl Grimes. She soon finds herself falling head over heels for him, which could be potentially dangerous considering the situation they were in. Will Elise be able to make it? Or wi...

    Completed   Mature
  • Hopeless Dixon ~Carl Grimes~
    27.1K 876 25

    Hope Dixon, Daryl's Daughter. She lost her mother when she was giving birth to her. She lived with her Dad and her older brother, Lucas, until she was 12 years old, then the apocalypse starts. Her dad was on a hunting trip when everything went down. Her brother dies a little over a month into it. What happens when she...

  • Somewhat Broken (Punk Chandler Riggs)
    9.3K 366 4

    This story contains: •abuse •physical self harm •foul language •the use of drugs/alcohol •smoking •suicidal mentionings •sex or sexual behavior If you are sensitive to this behavior click out now, I have warned you. ~~~|~~~|~~~|~~~|~~~|~~~| Elizabeth Ryans was always a trouble-maker. She smoked, and she got in fight...

  • My babysitter, Chandler Riggs . {{A Chandler Riggs fanfic}}
    802K 32.8K 63

    My stupid parents are going on a stupid vacation and leaving me alone with a stupid babysitter . I'm fifteen! I don't need a babysitter . Especially one that's the same age as me .

  • Anarchy | C.R
    35.3K 2.2K 21

    an·ar·chy ˈanərkē/ noun a state of disorder due to absence or nonrecognition of authority. ____ @chairhandlerr; 2016 ©

  • Worthless
    84 4 1

    A Punk Chandler Riggs FanFiction!

  • Sent, Delivered, Read. {C.R}
    51.6K 3.1K 32

    "It was an experience I'd never expect." Cover: yesstiles

  • Save Me {a Chandler Riggs Love Story}
    1.3K 55 3

    Elizabeth Johnson has always been abused since her dad left. Her mom beat her and blamed her for her father leaving. She meet Chandler at school. Will they fall in love or not?

  • Long Way Home (A Carl Grimes Fanfic)
    289K 10K 45

    abusive parents. sleepless nights. bruises and scars. the endless pattern of Lauren's life, day in day out. it all seemed to be getting better in her eyes, but one boy saves her life in the new and cruel world they seemed to have awoke to. It's a long way home, and it's a disastrous world. can she finally trust someon...

  • Angel With A Shotgun. [ Carl Grimes ]
    120K 3.2K 19

    It all started, when I nearly shot his dad. (cover credits: TheFallenWillRise)

  • Things we lost | c.g fanfic [heavily editing bc I suck]
    88.4K 2.9K 44

    ⠀⠀ ⠀“What's your name?” ⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀ ⠀“Zoe. Zoe Taylor.” Zoe Taylor was just a normal girl when everything began. She fled her home with her younger brother, no trace of their parents or siblings to be seen. After months of loneliness, they run into Carl Grimes and his group. Will they become enemies? Friends, or even more...

    Completed   Mature
  • What Now? (Carl grimes fanfic)
    104K 2.7K 45

    Emeli Rose Renae was alone for Four months, that was, until she meets another group. After finding refuge in the prison they called home; She catches the eyes of Carl Grimes. This is their Journey together. "If you could only see, the beast you made in me. " "I held it in but now it seems you've set it running free." ...

  • Flawless (Carl Grimes)
    42K 1.6K 30

    When Lux Waters is sent away from her mother in Lymington, England, to live with her father in Georgia USA, the world goes to hell. A virus breaks out, changing her life forever. The dead.. become undead. And then she meets Carl.

  • One Of Us (Carl Grimes FanFic)
    7.3K 230 24

    Elizabeth is lost after traumatic events occur and she lands in her best friend's arms. Who she may or may not like. Many events occur, people are lost, killed and even tortured. But they manage to stick together. Will they be able to start where they left off, or will they end up sparking something more? *First stor...

  • believe (carl grimes X reader)
    248 5 1

    Hes a nerd ~Ashley This story is a story i made over the summer but never put it on a website. so here xD i hope you guys like it ~ kayli

  • carl grimes x reader
    1.5K 50 2

    typical fan fiction about Carl grimes(: who really reads the description anyways :/ lol

  • Survive Together (The Walking Dead/ Carl Grimes Love Story)
    1.2M 30K 58

    "We will survive this world, together." "Promise?" "I promise."

  • The Third Dixon (The Walking Dead/Carl Grimes)
    275K 8.3K 21

    Alyssa Dixon. From an abusive and drug ridden family. A zombie slayer, and a perfectionest at a crossbow. You could give her any gun, and she could use it. It's been a lonely year for Alyssa. But when she comes across a fence, leading towards a prison. Her life changes. She finds family, love, and hope for her so-call...

  • My blue eyed sheriff(A Carl Grimes fan fiction)
    36K 853 53

    (Under grammar editing) Ella Walsh,Shane Walsh's daughter. Ella is always attached to the hip with her best friend Carl. What happens when they go into an appocylpse and Ella realizes she likes Carl? Does he like her back ? Would it work out?Will there friendship ever be the same if Ella even asks? Will he say that he...

  • You Again (Carl Grimes Fanfiction)
    55.4K 1.1K 13

    This story is about The main character Emily seeing her best friend Carl Grimes after the apocalypse started.

  • Meeting Old Friends (A Carl Grimes Fan Fiction)
    229K 6.7K 66

    Classmates... Survival team... Lovers... Find out how it's all connected through "Meeting Old Friends." Prequel to "Back Again."

  • A carl grimes love story- Dixon daughter
    92.3K 2.5K 61

    Living in a zombie apocalypse sucks. Vallory Dixon's entire family is gone. Friends, gone. Home, gone. But when she runs into a small group in the woods, maybe even meeting a long lost family member, will all hope be restored? Or will everything slip out of her grasp once more? (Not all events are from The Walking Dea...

  • life as we know it
    67 1 1

    a young girl Hayley, is in school with her bestfriend Carl Grimes, which she has always had a crush on. But his dad is in a coma now for about 3 weeks, something happens at school and are principal said the dead is walking and get back to our family's. Hayley and Cark were neighbors so they ran home together. but wha...

  • The Governor's Daughter {Carl Grimes/The Walking Dead}
    371K 9.5K 29

    When the malicious Governor of Woodbury takes hostages from a group of survivors living at a nearby prison, his daughter is the one to betray him and break them out and, better yet, go with them back to the prison. What started as just a plan to annoy her father led her her finding a certain someone that she'd never...

  • Sheriff Boy (The Walking Dead-Carl Grimes)
    148K 4.2K 23

    Jes is a sarcastic 14 year old girl living in the middle if the apocalypse. She was on her own for 6 months, barely finding enough food to stay alive. She was out one day gathering supplies when she meets, Carl Grimes. It wasn't exactly what you would call "love at first sight." Jes learns to trust and love her new gr...

  • We need eachother! *the walking dead fan fiction*
    193K 6.7K 60

    Katie is a 14 year old girl who is alone and lost in a world full of the dead. Until she meets a boy. A boy named Carl Grimes. They become really close, but lots of problems can happen in a world like this. ***This story follows AMC's The Walking Dead storyline but some events are changed up a little bit. So if you...

  • Stay With Me (the walking dead carl grimes fanfic)
    53K 1.4K 50

    Emily Harrison. 14. Everything she had loved? Gone. But still walking. She finds her self about to kill her self after being left alone since her last birthday until someone stops her. Who? Wrote by Bubblesxoxo1 Cover by Bubblesxoxo1