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  • PixaneFangurl's Book of ARTZ
    4.5K 290 200

    WARNING! THIS BOOK HAS BEEN COMPLETED, SO PREPARE FOR VERY CRINGEY ART! PLEASE CHECK MY PROFILE FOR THE LATEST ART BOOK WITH BETTER ARTS! Ok, so first off, you can thank @Jazziepazzazie suggesting the idea of doing this. Ill probably burn all of these pictures later in life, so enjoy them while you can. Anyways, hope...

  • Entangled in Embarrassment: Squibin Oneshot (Baman and Piderman)
    463 24 1

    Literally a request for my friend. Her idea, not mine. Anyways, enjoy!

  • Warriors: Cinderpelt's Chance
    2.2K 134 13

    Cinderpaw's dream was to become the bravest warrior she could be, and maybe even one day lead her Clan. Sadly, one day though, her training as a warrior were soon over, when she had been hit by a monster. Alive, but severely injured. She became the medicine cat, Yellowfang's apprentice instead, crushing her life-long...

  • Underfalls: The COMPLETE Trilogy To A Gravity Falls/ Undertale Crossover
    47.1K 1.2K 40

    The tale of how two twins from Gravity Falls, Oregon fall down Mt. Ebbot, and experience what most other humans have never seen before, and now, all three books are in one place! DISCLAIMER: I DO NOT OWN GRAVITY FALLS OR UNDERTALE, ONLY MY IDEAS AND PLOT TO THIS FANFICTION. THANK YOU

  • Determination Is A Plague: The Conclusion To A Gravity Falls/Undertale Crossover
    5.5K 228 11

    "Kid, you're not going home." "Wh-what?" "We'll stay down in Snowdin together, instead of you leaving me. Toriel can be your teacher, and... And you'll never be lonely again, I swear. Your brother won't be that far away, and we'll stay together... Forever... And i know I suck at making promises but, I promise I'll do...

  • Breaking the Barrier: The Sequel to a Gravity Falls/ Undertale Fanfiction
    10.6K 411 12

    "Don't worry, Sans... I'll never forget you..." Mabel and Dipper Pines are not your average twins. After arriving in Gravity Falls for the summer, they found themselves in a world of danger, that could soon be ending. Bill, an inter-dimensional being, had taken over the little town, and soon, the whole world. It seems...

  • Underfalls: A Gravity Falls/ Undertale Crossover
    37.3K 1.1K 13

    "Dipper, there is one last thing to prevent Bill's reign of terror for good. You must climb to Mt. Ebbot, not far from here, and retrieve some inter-dimensional travel-block. It will prevent Bill from ever crossing into our realm, and taking over our world." "Ok Great Uncle Ford. I'm on it-" "Oh and Dipper?" "Yes Grea...

  • Ninjago Boyfriend Scenarios:D
    725K 15.7K 200

    i know i know, this is probably what youre thinking: really? another boyfriend scenario book? but really, i think theyre cute, and i decided to make my own. so there it is for ya. enjoy!