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  • After
    693M 10.9M 102

    Tessa Young is an 18 year old college student with a simple life, excellent grades, and a sweet boyfriend. She always has things planned out ahead of time, until she meets a rude boy named Hardin, with too many tattoos and piercings who shatters her plans.

  • Holding On (A Harry Styles Love Story)
    4.5M 83.4K 50

    I've never understood love. I don't understand how you can have such strong feelings for one person. I don't understand how, even when they've hurt you so badly, if they're in jeopardy you can forget about anything they ever did to you. I don't understand how they can play such a huge role in your life. When I was 17...

  • Motel 6 // n.h
    61.6M 1M 89

    Motel 6- where you may find cockroaches in the showers, questionable food in the vending machine, and maybe, possibly, some love along the way. © Copyright 2017. All rights reserved. This material may not be reproduced, displayed, modified or distributed without the express prior written...

  • Stockholm Syndrome
    159K 5K 27

    Baby, look what you've done to me

  • Sex Education [DO NOT READ]
    7.3M 114K 34

    "Beatrice, you sit in row 3, seat one, and Harry you will be row 3, seat two." Little did I know that those words would change my life forever. [DO . NOT . READ . THIS . BOOK .]

  • Forbidden
    18.8K 516 24

    It was all wrong. Their love was forbidden.

  • P.S. I Hate You (Harry Styles)
    117M 1.6M 77

    "Harry. Come over tonight?" "I can't.. I was sleeping." He said, slightly annoyed that I called him up at like 3 in the morning. "Please." I rolled my eyes. I waited for a response, as I could hear shuffling at the other end of a line. "Do you want to have sex tonight?" I smiled, biting my lip. "Pleasure to." He...

  • Babysitting one direction
    975 16 19

    Hi my name is Alma Castillon I am 18 years old and I'm from oakland california. To start I go to vallejo high school but moving to London to stay with my cousins karina and ERIKA. so I decide to start babysitting but what happens when a specific guy calls her and ask if she could babysit 5 guys who are one direction...

  • Spin the Bottle {One Direction}
    340K 6.9K 21

    Do you remember summer of '09? Cause I definitely do.

  • Secrets: An One Direction Fanfic
    3.6K 62 6

    She may look like just a normal 16 year old girl, but really she is much more than that. She was a monster, a deadly monster, who was hungry for justice. Once she got it two years ago, she become untrustworthy, but why was she assigned as a CSI spy as a punishment. No one truely understands why, but they go along with...

  • Spin The Bottle (A One Direction Fan-Fiction)
    1.6M 28K 108

    Some games can end well. You just have to play the game right. Harry, Aria, and their friends are apart of the game life. Each chapter is the next level, and they're more complicated and challenging as ever. <><><> (Trilogy to TOD; Sequel to HAS) Written By : Kat :{) Cover By : @lillybird10 (me!) Book Trailer By : @Su...

  • Babysitting One Direction (One Direction FanFic) ✔️
    9.8K 301 30

    Stacy been living with her abusive father for her whole life. She doesn't remember her mother or if she had any siblings. In order to keep her and her father alive, she started working as a babysitter. Her room has nothing, just a few items. Her father has a job but uses the money he gets for alcohol and paying the bi...

    Completed   Mature
  • babysitting the one direction lads
    392 15 5

    This is about three teenagers who have to babysit the boys of one direction

  • Thorns
    94.9K 3.3K 57

    Zayn Malik and Rose Matthews. They used to do everything together; share the same cigarettes, share their clothes, hair products, everything. Their first experiences were together; a kiss, a tattoo, cigarettes, alcohol, drugs and sex. An opportunity was found for Zayn, Rose forced him to go. He had new experiences, w...

  • Babysitted By One Direction
    1.9K 63 9

    Lexi,a 16 year old girl, has to be babysitted by five babysitters while her dad is on a buisness trip. She thinks she doesn't need a babysitter, or five, but her dad won't listen. Little did she know that her babysitters would be One Direction! They do a lot of crazy stuff together. They spent six to eight months toge...

  • Truth Or Dare // Harry's P.O.V
    14.1K 496 9

    Some may know the story; The year is 2012. A nineteen year old by the name of Aria Clarke is dared by her friends at a sleepover to meet her best friend's favorite band during her trip to London, England to see her aunt. Drama happens with carrots, kissing, and what-not... But what you don't know is that there was ano...

  • Babysitting One Direction
    203K 6K 56

    Two girls, Autumn and Erica, are two Tumblr girls who want to donate money to a little girl that's battling cancer. They are so inspired by the girl. So they start a babysitting business. But what happens when the boys they babysit, start to fall in love ??

  • Tiara and Dalton //MPT+MD//
    73.6K 2.7K 45

    Niall and Tessa; and their beautiful girl Tiara. Louis and Hannah; and their beautiful boy Dalton. What happens when the babies meet? Will they get along? Or will a mini rivalry get along? Will all relationships remain stable or will something happen? //Spin off book between My Princess Tiara and Management's Daughter...

  • Stranded With One Direction...AGAIN? (Sequel to Stranded With One Direction)
    507K 20.3K 38

    Okay let's admit it Savannah has had some pretty rough times last year when she was on the island stranded with the famous boy band, One Direction. She thought she was done and everything eventually died down and she was back to her normal routine in South Dakota. All of a sudden, she is dragged back into the boy's li...

  • babysitting one direction
    43K 1.3K 14

    Sarah is a 17 year old girl.Her dad sold her to Simon Cowell and now she has to babysit 5 boys. Will she fall in love?

  • Babysitting...One Direction?!?
    132K 3.8K 33

    ONE DIRECTION FAN FICTION Things get turned upside down when babysitting One Direction...well that's at least how it started... Valeria was an 18 year old girl who never fit in. She is going on summer break soon, and this summer break it was all going to change. What were her plans for the summer...they were to run a...

  • Babysitting One Direction [EDITING]
    110K 4.6K 22

    Jenny's life is not that great. She does babysitting jobs just so she can earn money for herself but when she gets a call from One Direction's manager, her whole life changes.

    Completed   Mature
  • Spin the bottle
    55.1K 1K 100

    Haley and Niall both have feelings for each other. But they don't want to admit it. Will playing spin the bottle change every thing ,every time they play it things change. Will there love be Impossible?

  • Niall's Secret Sister (Louis fanfic)
    170K 3.9K 23

    Cory, A normal 18 year old girl from Seattle,Washington. She doesnt have the best life, but she fights threw it. But maybe this one video call will change her whole life. And maybe, Just maybe, it will make it better. ████ Sucks? Yes! And im sorry im not good with these ): Please trust me and read it, i promise its r...

  • When Dreams Come True
    2.2K 70 47

    Cover by @iluvhazzabye Has something great ever happened in your life but then all of a sudden every thing else in you life goes bad? Welcome to my life. My name is Amy Hope and I have dreamt about meeting my 2 favourite bands, One Direction and 5 Seconds of Summer and traveling Europe ever since I was 12. When bot...

  • Up All Night ➸ One Direction [ EDITING as of June 2020 ]
    6.3M 54K 54

    "It wasn't like I was a hater or anything, I just had better things to do than stalk One Direction's Twitter and Facebook page." Ella Strauss once said. She walked around the mall aimlessly in search of an outfit. The last thing she expected was to be trapped in a store with One Direction. Ella was so sure she wanted...

  • Truth or Dare gone wrong ~ A one direction fan fiction ~
    10.9K 374 10

    Ashley is a not a so normal 17 year old. Normal teenagers are out partying, having fun.. right? Well, Ashley isn't your average teenage girl. One day, the famous band as you know as one direction, plays truth or dare just wanting to have some fun. One dare leads to wonder, heartbreaks, and love. Which one will she dec...

  • Savior
    34.1K 1.5K 34

    Niall returned from his tour, tired and jet lagged. He turned on the television hoping to get some rest and watch a bit of tv before he went to bed. But he wasn't expecting for this to happen. The news had went on about a fire happening, where a girl around Jen's age had gotten injured and was rushed to the hospital...

  • Management's Daughter I
    3.2M 46.2K 126

    Hannah Quirk's parents were high up in the music industry. That's a good thing, right? Wrong. She hated it, they cared more about celebrities than her, she was the one who was forced to date them. Her parents had a new project, One Direction. What happens when Hannah is forced to date Louis Tomlinson, will Hannah love...

    Completed   Mature