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  • Titan Academy of Special Abilities
    55.2M 1.7M 53

    Having enhanced senses cannot help one earn a living. A useless special ability--or at least, that's what Shia Sheridan believes. But when she is caught for a crime she did not commit, this useless ability saves her, leading her to enroll in Titan Academy, the very place she hates with a passion. *** Titan Academy is...

  • Charm Academy: School of Magic (Published Under Cloak Pop Fiction)
    60.4M 1.7M 41

    She is Ariela Davis, an ordinary girl with an ordinary life. Pero dahil sa isang insidente kinailangan niyang lumipat sa bagong school sa gitna ng kanyang Senior year. Sa isang MAGIC SCHOOL kung saan dating nagtuturo ang kanyang Lola. This story is about magic, adventure, fantasy and romance. Welcome to CHARM ACADEMY:...

  • Something Spectacular
    15.7M 689K 41

    Isabelle Dizon was perfect. A straight A business course student, a sensible lady, a responsible daughter any parent would wished for. But she felt something lacking. She often felt she was living to her parents idea of what she should be, and she started to doubt if that was what she really wanted. As her uncertainty...

  • Taste of Sky (EL Girls Series #1)
    53.7M 2.2M 81

    Most women fall for engineers, doctors, lawyers, architects and businessmen but in my case? I fell in love with an astronaut. Highest rank: 1 Cover is not mine. Credits to the rightful owner.

  • Catch Me If You Can (Completed)
    3M 113K 45

    So you wanna be a thief? Here's how: √ Keep to the shadows √ Plan accordingly. √ Come prepared. √ Be a master of disguise. √ Take what you planned to take. √ Flee when needed. √ Don't fall in love with your mark. Catch Me If You Can (Detective Files Spin-Off) written by ShinichiLaaaabs (Credits to the owner of the ima...

  • Our Asymptotic Love Story (Published by Bookware Publishing)
    30.4M 777K 50

    Prequel of "I Love You since 1892" Pilit hinahanap ni Aleeza ang mga kasagutan sa mga kakaibang panaginip at pakiramdam na nararanasan niya sa tuwing bumubuhos ang ulan at sa tuwing nakikita niya ang estrangherong naghahatid ng magkahalong saya at lungkot sa kanyang puso: si Nathan. Magagawa kaya nilang maitama ang pa...

  • I Love You since 1892 (Published by ABS-CBN Books)
    119M 2.5M 56

    Si Carmelita Montecarlos ay ang bunsong anak ng pinakamayamang angkan sa San Alfonso. Habang si Juanito Alfonso naman ay ang anak ng pinakamaimpluwensiya at makapangyarihang gobernadorcillo. Itinadhana silang mag-ibigan na pinagtibay ng kasunduan. Nakatakda silang ikasal sa ika-dalawampung kaarawan ni Carmelita. Ngun...

  • Bloody Crayons #Recolored (Star Cinema Movie)
    4.4M 108K 43

    The real you is the monster inside you.

  • The Nasty Pretender [ON GOING]
    605K 24.5K 41

    [X10 Series: KRISTOFFER MIGUEL TAN] Ikakasal na sana si Toffer kung hindi lang sana umatras ang bride niya. Nalaman din niya na may kinalaman ang pinakamamahal niyang Mama sa nangyari kung kaya't sumama ang loob niya't naisipan niyang maglayas. Napadpad siya sa Santa Katarina at sa hindi inaasahang pangyayari ay nakil...

  • Tantei High (Erityian Tribes, #1) | Published under Pop Fiction
    79.6M 2.3M 73

    Erityian Tribes Series #1 || Not your ordinary detective story. ( completed and published in print )

  • Oh My Ice Goddess (Erityian Tribes, #3)
    22.7M 754K 60

    Erityian Tribes Series #3 || Cover the world with frost and action. ( completed )

  • Seventh Sense (Erityian Tribes, #2) | Published under Pop Fiction
    28.9M 958K 68

    Erityian Tribes Series #2 || A story of forbidden love and friendship, betrayals and sacrifices (Tantei High prequel). ( completed )

  • Truce (Erityian Tribes Novella, #1)
    4.9M 173K 18

    Erityian Tribes Novella #1 || As the war ended, another problem arises. ( completed )

  • Rewind (Erityian Tribes Novella, #2)
    2.8M 100K 24

    Erityian Tribes Novella #2 || What's the use of this power, if I can't even stop his death? ( completed )

  • My Greatest Downfall (Published under Summit Media)
    15.1M 356K 62

    Sequel of Famous Meets Bad Girl: "I can admit, I'm a different person now than I was three years ago.." she said. She was intently looking at the man she left three years ago, those dark pools of eyes were staring at her, "You want the truth? I still have feelings for you. No matter how hard I try, a part of me just w...

  • These Three Jerks
    1.8M 47.3K 33

    Clumsy, noob, slow-poke - these words describe Nica Eumice Sevilla. She moves from a remote place in the Philippines to the city. Then she finally met these three jerks. At first, they thought that Eumice was a clumsy and an idiot girl, but what will happen if one day? She wasn't just simple, she is damn extraordinary.

  • Forever Downfall (Trilogy)
    390K 11.4K 6

    Book 3: Love affairs is too mainstream and I won't let that happen. - Trish Lua-Sy

  • Ang Syota Kong Astig! (Published Under Summit/Pop Fiction)
    23.7M 399K 46

    This is the second book of ANG ALALAY KONG ASTIG. A continuation of the love story of the most eligible billionaire bachelor Blake Monteverde and the free spirited skillful fighter police officer Alexandra Valdemor.

  • Chasing Hurricane
    11M 469K 32

    Hanapan ng girlpren si bitter bestfriend na friendzoned since birth? Game!

  • She's Dating The Gangster
    7.7M 151K 53

    Unedited version of She's Dating the Gangster.

    Completed   Mature
  • Kataas-taasang, Kagalang-galangang Binibini (Slow update)
    32.8K 852 8

    Binibini ba kamo? Hindi siya binibini! Pwe!

  • Dreams, Destiny, and You?
    2.7M 34.3K 55

    I was haunted by these DREAMS, despised by DESTINY, but there's one question that is stuck in my mind... Will it still be YOU?

    5.1M 64.2K 55

    [Daddy Series 1]: Book 1 of 2 ng Daddy? Published na po under LIB. Php129.75 Book 2 of 2 is also published already. Please do support. Thank you! :* [This is the unedited version. Sorry for the typos, grammar corrections and jeje sound effects&emoticons.] 17. Incoming freshman sa college. Tinagurian akong "Badboy" sa...

  • Unlucky Cupid (Cupid Series #1) Published under Pop Fiction
    3.5M 49.5K 73

    Published Under Pop Fiction | Paperback available for PHP195 in bookstores nationwide. (Completed // UNEDITED) Si Jake Flynn ay isa sa pinakatanyag na celebrity sa mundo ni Katherine Villanueva. But She hates him for several reasons. Magiging masaya kaya ang school life niya kung may papasok sa Sermounth University na...

  • Famous Meets Bad Girl (Published Under Summit Media)
    29.8M 607K 64

    Published under Pop Fiction. Available at bookstores/convenience stores nationwide for 195php. Taglish. Completed. Two kindred hearts from two different worlds collide and find love. Princess Trish Lua is a certified bad girl. She always win an argument and nobody can beat her whenever she starts explaining herself. A...

  • The XL Beauty (PUBLISHED)
    22.4M 353K 85

    Mataba ka na nga, maldita ka pa. Magkaboyfriend ka pa kaya?

  • More Than Just A Bet
    22.3M 303K 48

    Their relationship started for all the wrong reasons--ego and money, to be precise. Ara Lian didn't expect that she would fall for an arrogant prick like Liam. Despite real feelings blossoming, circumstances tear them apart. Will they be able to prove that their relationship is more than just a bet? *** Ara Lian Binal...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Orsini Bride
    31.1M 888K 42

    Italian playboy billionaire Marco Orsini has a dilemma. With the ultimatum to either marry or get disinherited, he must now find himself a wife before his grandfather's birthday--and he entrusts his fate on one woman to find him the perfect bride. ********** Twenty-nine-year-old Francesa Marcolini never expected th...

    Completed   Mature
  • Mix And Clash (MAC) - CCR BOOK 2
    57.8K 1.5K 1

    Sequel of Clash of the Campus Royalties