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  • Rant And Ask A Christian Girl
    338 41 7

    Just another rant book but you ask questions and I answer to the best of my ability. Rant and ask a Christian girl.

  • By Your Will, Lord. (ON HOLD DUE TO EDITING)
    41.3K 2.5K 22

    Naomi meets Levi at her favorite place in the world, the Library. He also just so happens to be going to the same school as her. While they get along well, there's one thing that builds a wall between them. Naomi is religious, Levi isn't. Naomi goes through a battle of feelings that keep bubbling inside of her towar...

  • Tekken of Our Lives
    1.4K 55 7

    After the King of Iron Fist Tornement 5, Jin Kazama has pointed his attenion to a diffrent problem other than the Devil Gene: His secret crush, Hwoarang. Meanwhile, Kazuya is trying to figure out the best way to exspress his love for Lee, but can he best Lars at it? YAOI: don't like don't read. M-rate for later chapte...

  • Percy Jackson and the Avengers: The End of the World
    90.8K 2.6K 25

    Please read the 1st book Percy Jackson and the Avengers : Worlds Collide The avenger team doesn't know what to do next. They lost a team mate and got another one. But will they be able to trust him? Will Kronos take over the world?? What happened to Percy??? Will the world end????

  • High School is a Game (Hunger Games High)
    404K 15.2K 77

    What would our favorite hunger games characters be like in high school? Who would get along with who? Who would like each other? This is what I think would happen if the characters were in high school together! Enjoy! I'm not taking credit for Suzanne Collins ideas. This book is completed!

    10.9K 359 3

    When nineteen-year-old American university student James Bradford finds himself abandoned abroad, broke, and within 12-hours of being homeless, a last minute email from a selfless stranger seems to be his saving grace. James leaves his hostel and heads to the outskirts of London where a free room, board, and kind eld...

  • Robin The Babysitter (Teen Titans Fan-fiction)
    8.5K 362 19

    Disclaimer: I DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT own the teen titans in any way, shape or form. What would you do if the city's best superheroes were all babies and toddlers?... The answer find a way to bring them back to normal of course! But it's not that simple... I can fight crime, and take down the evil super villains of...

  • Pharrell Williams Picks The Best of Wattpad's Keys to Happiness
    5.3K 411 1

    Check out Pharrell's favorite Keys to Happiness, submitted by Wattpad users.