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  • Release me (sasunaru)
    152K 4.6K 24

    Naruto one of the biggest mafia of japan he owns everything from smuggling to trafficking and slavery and all the bad things you can imagine he owns it but wait what happens when one day it all comes down and he is in search of who does it and is captured to be humiliated by him

  • Adored [Free!] [KnB]
    50.2K 2.6K 92

    Makoto and Kagami work together in a cat cafe to put themselves through college. Everything starts to change when Kagami gets a mysterious second job. Kagami doesn't want his friend, Aomine, to find out about the job, fearing it would be the end of their friendship. But Aomine getting a girlfriend is enough to cause a...

  • Sebastian X Ciel (kuroshitsuji/black butler)[boyxboy] [COMPLETED]
    816K 21.5K 27

    Sebastian and Ciel's relationship has changed after their contract ended. Ciel is no longer serving the queen but, like always he's managing his business under Sebastian's supervision. I don't know how to summarize it so I'll stop there. You can't judge a fanfic by it's description, though it gives you an idea on how...

    Completed   Mature
  • Handcuffed (Ereri AU)
    639K 31.3K 44

    After Eren's mother dies, he keeps to himself. Then his friends invite him to a party. A mix between Truth or Dare and Spin the Bottle is played as Eren and Levi get closer. A refreshing get-together makes Eren feel so much more alive, but things change for the worse, as the night goes on. Eren x Levi AU prequel to C...

    Completed   Mature
  • ♡ Eternal Bond ♡ {EreRi | RiRen}
    301K 13.2K 30

    "I want to see the more to this world... because I was born into it!" A single desire and dream that coursed through his every emotion kept him alive and striving for a brighter future. Sadly, freedom comes with a price, so he learned. Those many years ago, when the titans still ruled the planet; fate brought the bot...

  • Demonize (Ereri) DISCONTINUED
    257K 7.9K 20

    Levi is a simple demon, one with razor sharp teeth and mind full of lust and a cryptic coded mind, his earth visits are measly something to do as he kills humans for game about every now and then. But he wants a full time toy, some one to manipulate and dominate. And what do I spy with my little eye a Eren Yeager fit...

  • Forget The Past (Ereri)
    144K 7.3K 22

    Eren was born into Levi's hatred, and when the raven-haired man wasn't able to kidnap him as a child, he was forced to watch him grow. Now, on the battlefield, they face off. Their hatred for each other growing at the second. But when an attack goes haywire, the two find themselves unable to free themselves before bot...

  • A Fanboy And A Dollar (Ereri)
    529K 27.1K 28

    Eren was a friendly, carefree 13-year-old living in the city of New York, where he met a homeless teenager around his age. Pitying him, Eren gives the vagrant boy a dollar and his sweatshirt with hopes that he wouldn't freeze to death in the cold winter ahead. Four years later, and Eren is a 17-year-old that has a par...

    Completed   Mature
  • Unaccountable (Ereri/Riren AU)
    196K 11.9K 20

    Have you ever fallen in love with someone's words? With the way they write, the way they make the letters latch onto each other and leap to string into words, to summon sentances. To make writing dance and sing like that is a truly unrecognized, unaccountable gift. Levi Rivaille is an online author who, despite his in...

  • Fall (Ereri)
    220K 7.7K 21

    Eren Jaeger; 18 years old and his life is in shambles. With a scholarship to a university in Manhattan, he packs his bags and travels from his once family home in the Bronx, to a cheap apartment near Broadway. Little does Eren know, he'll meet a man name Levi, who happens to be his neighbor. Erens life heads a little...

  • Tutor
    680K 30.8K 51

    [FINISHED + AU] Eren Jaeger is failing all of his classes, and the solution? A tutor. As time passes, sparks ignite and romance fizzes. Even if love is love, is it wrong to date your tutor? And how far, is too far? - I do NOT own anything from snk, nor do I own characters or the fan art. -

  • Our Love Will Be Legend | Ereri/Riren |
    579K 22.5K 31

    Levi was Eren's bully. But pain was the only way of expressing his feelings towards the green eyed boy. Soon, drama unfolds and Levi figures out his true self. (SnK Fanfiction) boyxboy Don't like, don't read.

  • Fire and Ice {Ereri/Riren}
    758K 31.7K 28

    Eren tries to save his mother from a house fire, leaving an big ugly scar on his face. He moves schools and everyone laughs and whispers about his face. Everyone except Levi, the muscular heart throb that rules the school. It's love at first sight, but what will happen when an unfortunate turn of events take place? {...

  • Just Say It (Eren x Levi)
    286K 11.1K 22

    Eren's a junior. Levi's a senior. They both attend Sina High. They met on their first day of school. Eren begins to stumble in one of classes and Levi is willing to help him. The question that remains is, who will fall for who? And will the other one fall for the other?