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  • badlands
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    the badlands are not a place for happiness. (5sos au) © youngods 2015 *discontinued*

  • snapchat. ➳ l.h
    3.5M 108K 52

    “hey, come over and give me that blow job?” “eww who are you?!” [Highest ranking: fanfiction #142] all rights reserved. © copyright 2014 | malin anna

  • no homo > larry au [completed]
    7.9M 428K 46

    louist91: I kinda really wanna suck your dick louist91: no homo tho ••••• {HIGHEST RANKING: #3 in FanFiction}

  • See You Around
    753K 35.9K 39

    ❝Someday, I will leave and never come back.❞ ❅ Daniella Evans plans on spending her summer holiday in complete and utter peace; and by peace, she clearly means lazing around while gaining inordinate amounts of weight in the very process. ...

  • Bubblegum Bitches // l.s.
    263K 20.2K 17

    [EDITING] In which Louis likes seeing Harry do stupid shit for a piece of gum and maybe, just maybe, he likes the control he has over the boy. But not everything is fun and games. THIS IS NOT A HAPPY STORY NOR ENDING SO GO AWAY IF YOURE GOING TO BITCH ABOUT IT.

  • Coffee And Cigarettes
    182K 10.8K 34

    He was a boy who liked smoking cigarettes and drinking coffee. She was a girl who liked the smell.

  • Boy // n.h.
    102K 7.5K 8

    "I thought he was beautiful." short story #89 fan fiction #110

  • Zodiac signs
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    Zodiac stuff from internet but mostly tumblr though. I honestly have no idea why you clicked this but well thanks for clicking and enjoy!