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  • what potterheads would do at hogwarts
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    the hogwarts manual of what potterheads would do there besides draco malfoy. ▂▂▂▂▂▂ ✧ all original ✧ book idea by @RingRingCat ✧ achieved #1 on random status : completed

  • Real Ghost Stories
    75.5K 1.3K 21

    Ever wondered what it would be like to experience ghosts? Want to find others who were haunted just like you? Want to be chilled to the bone? Well, now you can! These are real stories from real people about their experiences with spirits! Fascinating, horrifying, and 100% true!

  • Its Fandom Stuff
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    Just a random collection of Fandom things :) Stuff to make you laugh, stuff to make you cry, stuff to make the feels hurt. All in all very fun! Warning : Enter at own risk. Author takes no responsibility for causing feels or for when you walk in to a pole while on your phone reading this.

  • Teen Wolf Humor (English version)
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    Most of the funny moments in teen wolf.

  • Into Thin Air
    7.1K 319 25

    You read stories about other girls being kidnapped, you've watched movies about them. But they're all just that right? Fictional, and just a movie. You never expect that one day you'll wake up in a cage locked up inside a basement with a dozen other girls willing to do anything to escape the prison. Well, that's what...

    Completed   Mature
  • Creepy Pasta
    2.4M 37.4K 67

    These are stories, True? Maybe. You find out yourself. So grab a blanket, turn out the lights... It's Creepy pasta time! I don't own any of the stories and the credit goes directly to the original owners.

  • Rants & Stuff
    12.4K 1.7K 117

    Just a book for rants, tags, and updates on my life XD Please don't get offended by anything I say in this book, because that's why I made it. Thank you for reading, don't get offended, and I hope you like it! {Cover by: @WildCatLover157}

  • Cracking the Wattpad Code: Insider Secrets the Pros don't want you to know!
    674K 32.9K 26

    Warning: This book WILL make you successful on Wattpad! Are you an unknown author wanting to gain success on Wattpad? Tried everything and you're still unnoticed? Hi, I'm Mike Limjoco and I've done it all on Wattpad. I have hit a million reads on two of my books, and I've made it to the first page of the Hot List in f...

  • Headphones | An Original Story
    24K 1.7K 17

    "Calix King, you have to be the most dangerous, unstable, and dependent person I have ever met." "Yeah, I know. Thanks for the reality check." - An original story in which a girl depends on the shuffle button to determine her future. {may contain slight triggering content} {slow updates} {highest ranking: #2...

  • Time to ruin your childhood!
    233K 9.4K 40

    On my SpongeBob Quotes book I said I was going to make about about Disney. Well now it expanded to all and any cartoons! (maybe movies) Quotes, facts, theroies, and more all together in one book! I hope you enjoy!

  • Photos
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    There is no story just photos. Don't judge me. There is also a lot of other random things. You have been warned.

  • Short Horror Stories (Original Works, Mostly)
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    Words of darkness forged from my own, twisted imagination. So tell me what you think! Copyright © iraforever101

  • New B
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    New school. New year. New city. Straight A student. A perfect life, or at least she thinks it's perfect. She has everything she needs until she realizes nothing is perfect at all.

  • Extremely Short Horror Stories 2
    489K 18.6K 25

    1 - 4 sentence horror stories. Cover by @I_Luv_Oreos_Girl Daily additions!

  • Moderately Short Horror Stories
    55.3K 1.7K 5

    A collection of short horror stories, anywhere from one paragraph, to 2,000+ words. This story is not rated mature, but it is very violent and gory. You have been warned.

  • Short Horror Stories
    1.5M 27.8K 19

    A collection of the scariest, creepiest and freakiest campfire ghost stories there are! For anyone who likes a thrill. WARNING: Do not read these in bed at night!

  • Poems from Within
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    A collection of poem's I've written from within my mind, heart & soul.

  • How to not make a cliché story
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    Wattpad stories tend to be cliché, and I speak for more then myself when saying this. It's everywhere in every genre. This story's purpose is to clean up the copying and repetitive story plague that circles this site. This is an advice book. The advice is my opinion so please take that into consideration. This book...

  • Harry Potter Messaging
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    JK ROWLING OWNS EVERYTHING except Edward and Bella..... I own a few that will be coming

  • Jokes
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  • Spongebob Quotes
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    Quotes from Spongebob.

  • Multiple me's
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    Multiple personality disorder- A severe condition in which two or more distinct identities, or personal states, are present in-and alternately take control of-an individual. The person also experiences memory loss that is too extensive to be explained by ordinary forgetfulness. This is a story of how Melissa lives wit...

  • Zodiac Signs
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  • Debates, Opinions and Random stuff
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    Debates on Harry Potter things and just whatever I want to put in here :) No hate please! Debating is fine and you can have a different opinion to me or anyone else but don't yell/swear/get angry and upset with people because they don't agree! But you're all lovely and I know you won't do that. Thank you :) x

  • Letters To Fred
    17.9K 1.4K 13

    "You idiot. Why'd you have to go and get yourself killed? How can we be a team if you're six feet under and I'm stuck up here without you? I don't think you really thought this through, Freddie." - George. *** Letters to Fred Weasley from the people that loved him the most. ⚯͛ Disclaimer: I do not own HP/The cha...

  • You know your a Potterhead when...
    1.5M 128K 228

    The name pretty much speaks for itself... Things that as Potterheads we do, and we know we are a Potterhead when we do them! This story is very funny and relatable,yet always ends up giving readers the feels! Please try reading a few chapters... I can assure you: you won't stop reading until Voldemort grows a nose! I...

  • Equestrian Jokes [#wattys2016] [#trailblazers]
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    "No no no, we are not going out the gate yet." "...baked potato..." "What's a word for getting a on horse? Vault Climb Mount Leap Um, how about crawl ungracefully?" "This is a message from the ESS...(Equestrian Spotting Society)... You don't have to ride (if you ever don't understand something, comment and I'll e...