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  • Finn Nelson Fan Fiction
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    Finally, in United Kingdom. Saved up some money over the past five years, and got myself a flat above the coffee shop that I surprisingly got myself to have a job at. There are times that I see this group of friends come in. But of them all, I was only focusing on one person. Finn Nelson, the smoking bad ass of them a...

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  • Not "Imagine Charlie"
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    "You realize that that isn't your decision to make, right? Charlie, I can think of a million reasons why I shouldn't wait. Why I should let you go and be happy..." he closes his eyes as if in pain. "But..." His eyes shoot up to mine "But...?" "There is this one thing that assures me that none of those options are anyt...

  • Coercion
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    All he had to do was kill a random girl.

  • Saving Rose
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    -Pierce The Veil- Meet Rose Ashton, the girl with no family and depressing thoughts. When she's attacked in an alley one evening, members of the band Pierce The Veil come to her rescue. She begins to get close to Jaime, and suddenly, she's falling for him, fast. Will she learn to overcome her demons, or will dangerous...