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    When we get too much involved in the act of pretending, we lose the idea of knowing the pretense of others. Isn't that how it works? We don't know the acts we do thinking good for the others even to the extent of hurting them to save them from major hurt will cause them to go through much more than we can think of. S...

  • A Tale Of Schemes... #1,#2,#3
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    Three people who are best friends from childhood end up in a deadly triangle and everyone has their scheme to break that triangle but never expected the turn of events in their lives. Join the journey of their schemes and the result which was never expected by any of them. ---------------------- #This book contains t...

  • Book III - Baby, I Love You (Part Two - Ongoing)
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    This book is going to be the last installment in my 'I love you' series. Book I - Husband, I Love You (A Rishbala fanfic) Book II - Darling, I Love You (Book I leads' children's love story) Book III - Baby, I Love You (Part two of book II) Yes, this book starts from where I have ended book II - 'Darling, I love you...

  • Iti
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    *Slow updates* An impassioned, aspiring writer and a fledgling theatre artist, Dhriti Praneshwar, or Iti as her friends call her, had always made stubborn, perseverant life decisions. Right from pulling off an average score in the higher secondary boards-because she needn't an exceptional score to get into the colle...

  • Google
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  • Broken[A Dark 18+ Romance]
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    Warning: This is going to be a story with a lot of mature content. I mean not just sexual content. There are other disturbing elements and triggers in this story. So, readers discretion is advised. Spark fly. Literally. When Aahana Agnihotri and Adarsh Khanna meet at a ball in New Orleans. As a compensation for saving...

  • Arranged! ✔
    23.3K 985 12

    if everything went according to our will, life wouldn't be as exciting or as frustrating as it is! that's what the confused & annoyed aishwarya tells herself as she was hounded by a herd of her cousins and beautician aunty who were struggling to make her look 'presentable'. am not ready for this! what if i do somethin...

  • The Promise
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    how long a love can be lasts...? until marriage....?or until the children born...? or until the death..? here is the story the love survives to the next incarnation to complete it's promise... Meet Mr.Jai Rathor (28) CEO of multinational company and the only heir of Rathor industry.'Most eligible bachelor of India ' a...

  • Don't Leave Me #3 *WattpadIndiaAwards*
    107K 7.1K 44

    The title says it all, if you were familiar with the earlier works with the same title. For the new readers, all I can say is that there will be revenge, there will be innocent people and otherwise and to top of it a love story with a path which none of them expected to pass through. Note: Not a sequel or anything bu...

  • One Week Girlfriend... *Dreame*
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    Have you ever had a crush? Of course! Has that crush turned into likeness? Probably! And that likeness into love? ... Rashmi may have gone through this process a little stronger than others and ended up getting the tag 'One week Girlfriend'. And her efforts to remove that tag may have brought something more than she e...

  • Let me Love you!
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    #50 in General fiction on 13-01-2019 #38 in General fiction on 20-01-2019 #36 in General fiction on 21-01-2019 #35 in General fiction on 22-01-2019 #28 in General fiction on 25-01-2019 #23 in General fiction on 27-01-2019 #2 in husband-wife on 16-03-2019 #17 in ignorance on 15-04-2019 #13 in ignorance on 19-04-2019 #7...

  • SHE
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    In which a rape victim finds her happily ever after. Now, define happy. *Copyleft

  • I am falling for you✔
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    Of all, how could I have fallen for my friend's boyfriend. I should have been more careful. All this had happened because of my stupidity and the stupid bet I made with my best friend Neha. I should have asked Neha to say her boyfriend's name instead of going for a bet. If I did that, maybe today I wouldn't be this v...

  • Book II - Darling, I Love You (Part One - Completed)
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    3 different love stories of 3 couples... in 1 book!!! This book is a sequel to my "Husband, I love You" book but you guys can read, understand and enjoy this book without reading the former one.

  • When The Heart Lies | ✓
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    #3 in General Fiction [17-08-2018] BOOK 2 OF THE HEARTS SERIES. THE FIRST BOOK IN THE SERIES IS RECOMMENDED AS IT WILL HELP YOU UNDERSTAND THE SECOND ONE BETTER. _______ "Time has brought me ahead and left you behind. There's so much distance to cover. So much that you'll never reach my heart again. You are gone." Sh...

  • Unexpected L♥️ve -Book 2(Complete)
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    ####Part from the book#### "That night we had a great fun, I had too much drink and drugs in my system. I was returning home when I saw you. I thought I was hallucinating you, so I came near and I ....I touched you. Your shout frightened me and didn't know what came over me and I ....." "Stop, stop just stop it, don...

  • Adorably HIS's (Completed✔️)
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    "Bharani please.. listen to me" I said looking into his eyes with tears flowing down my cheeks. "How dare u raise ur hands against her Sadhana?" he said by holding my face up holding my hair and pushed me down . "I musnt have married u.Now get out of my house " he said with ranging anger that was obvious in his eyes...

  • Slightly Wicked
    9.9K 395 3

    Rishabh Kundra belongs to a crime family, and he is in love with his best friend, Maya who thinks she is in love with Ranveer.

  • His Lost Love
    6.9K 389 17

    "Can't you love me again?" He implored in despair, staring deep into my emotionless eyes. His eyes flickered with the anguish of his heart - the same agony he cruelly flamed within my soul. I, blankly stared into his pain filled gray orbs without answering him, which once held the intensity to captivate me, but now th...

  • RiKara SS : Adhoore Hum
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    This is a continuation from one episode of Dil Boley Oberoi. Omkara hates Gauri and blames her for everything. But what happens when Gauri who was in love with Omkara, loses her memory, and she becomes Omkara's responsibility.

  • Unexpected Future! *Sample*
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    We think and we expect! We do this both a lot and without these there is not much to do. Will there be any action without expecting a future from it? If so, then that is amazing. However, it is not in most people's worlds. And mainly in four people's world who had this vivid description of expectations for their fut...

  • Baby Mommy (Completed)
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    A cute love story of Dr. Rishab, his wife Madhubala & their daughter Sana!

  • The Hateful Love
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    The Hateful Love ~ * ~ Atharv Singhania, Self made young Business Tycoon of India. At 27, He has everything at his feet. He is mysterious, cruel, tempered, selfish and dangerous with his shadows of past lurking like a demon. He is the nightmare of his rivals. Get on his bad books and ready to loose everything in life...

  • My Past or Present! *Sample*
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    ONLY FIVE CHAPTERS WILL BE AVAILABLE... REMAINING IS ON DREAME... A Past and Present definitely involve the people in it, but they both have more than that to offer. The situations, the choices made for you and the choices made by you in the past were and the choices would be made for you and by you in the present a...

  • In Love With My Secretary (Completed)
    83.7K 3.2K 9

    A simple love story between an arrogant CEO & his Secretary! Read the story to know more about them!

  • His Regret, Her Pain (On hold) #MissionDesi
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    A story about two separated lovers, Zora and Zayne. They are both born and brought up in Sweden. However, Zora hales from a Desi household while Zayne's Arab. There are a few paths that can lead to your own destruction, there are a few mistakes that can't be rectified and there are heartbreaks that love can't mend. ...

  • Miss.Idly And Mr.Dhokla
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    She was determined to become a businesswoman . No one can stop her . Her family is an very rich orthodox tamil family which approves woman only to be homemaker not anything other than that . Her family's company was the biggest but still she wanted her own fame. Jignesh Patel the Heir of Patel Family ; hailing...

  • Win Her Heart | ✓
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    #1 in General Fiction (14-02-2017) #1 - THE CRYSTAL AWARDS WINNER 2016 He was truly, madly, deeply in love with her. But there was one problem. She was too innocent for him. He was a bad boy after all. But instead of being a gentleman, he became a stalker. Instead of impressing her, he scared her. Instead of asking h...

  • Rishabala FF : Every Breath I Take
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    As she held the phone she looked over at the picture of a man, her eyes and heart were filled with 'Neev'. It was decided by their family that they were to get married, and for the past six months the simple conversations over the phone was the only thing she looked forward to, as he made her smile. He was the one who...

  • Rough Edges
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    Hey Guys... How are you all? Sorry for being absent most of times and for posting random things here and there. Can't really find any time and most importantly any inspiration. But, the last addicted book left me very unsatisfied. The characters are kind of incomplete and they nag me everday. So, I am starting this tr...