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  • Love at Divergent High
    136K 3.4K 65

    Tris is new to Divergent High, she is in her junior year, so is her brother, Caleb. Her parents are famous and almost never home. She meets new people and falls in love. Follow their lives through High school and beyond. Fourtris, Chrill, Urlene, Sheke. Romance, truth or dare games, parties, never have I ever, laughs...

  • Divergent High (Completed)
    331K 8.2K 32

    Tris prior goes to high school with the divergent crew. very first fan fiction.....enjoy! and remember to always #Smile:-) side note: since it was my first fanfic the first chapter might be a little but like others (okay alotta bit) But the rest of the chapters are more unique

  • Fourtris High (fanfic)
    317K 8.2K 55

    Tris has just moved to Chicago, and is starting a new high school. She meets a great group of friends and a boy who she can't stop thinking about. i'm not great at summaries but story will be better. get ready for some Fourtris feels

  • Divergent High
    523K 14.4K 52

    Tris is starting at a new school and trying to start fresh but then she meets Four and falls in love with him. Can she hide her past from him forever?

  • Loving You: Divergent Fanfiction
    274K 5K 26

    This story is about how Tris and Tobias would have lived with out the war. The story takes place six months after tris getting into Dantless. Tris is nervous the Tobias is moving to fast. Will they stay together? Or will they get to cought up in it. I hope you like it. :) All rights go to Veronica Roth.

  • The Prince and the Maid: A Divergent Story
    843K 24.3K 51

    When Prince Tobias has to find a girl to marry and none of them are to his interest he finds one he'll like, but when the girl he loves is his servant, what does he do then?

  • Divergent High
    207K 5.9K 49

    Will there be love? Or heartbreak? Life decisions or mortal damage? With the best charters four, tris, Christina, will?, Marlene, zeke,Uriah, Lynn. And the rest of the gang too! Read to find out in DIVERGENT HIGH!!!!!

  • Divergent High 46
    194K 5K 28

    Tris and the gang go to high school! Only Four and Tris couldn't hate each other any more. This is different than the others so don't read this and think it's going to be the same as everyone else. Me and my friend are writing this and were still young so don't judge if you dislike it!

  • Divergent high
    2.3M 44.7K 43

    This is Divergent in modern times but the whole gang goes to high school. Four is the school's bad boy player that every girl loves. Him and Tris HATE each other. Will love over come them? (I'm not good at summaries but I promise it's better then it sounds)

  • We'll....that was unexpected (divergent high fanfic)
    20.4K 215 23

    Tris is more braver in this story who's not afrad to speak her mind but there's a twist in chapter 3 and she doesn't met Christina in the first part of the story and tris is really bitchy in this story and if you get on here bad side......we'll let just skip that part she's a cheerleader don't worry she doesn't turn i...

  • Divergent High (starting MAJOR editing soon!)
    143K 3.6K 63

    The gang takes on high school! But it's not just any other story... ( this was the first thing i have ever written & it's really really REALLY crappy so idk if you wanna read it or not) (i am going to start rewriting everything in about two weeks)

  • Fourtris: Divergent High
    240K 6.3K 47

    The Divergent characters in modern day life!

  • Divergent High School
    249K 6.8K 42

    What would it be like if the characters in Divergent went to high school? Here is my interpretation of what I think it would be like. Thank you, please read, comment, and vote! I love y'all!!!!!!!!!!

  • Divergent High
    270K 7.3K 40

    Imagine what divergent would be like if it turned into reality! This is a story about the Divergent characters in a high school world. All credits for characters go to Veronica Roth. Enjoy the story!

  • Divergent High
    337K 9K 69

    Join Beatrice Prior and Tobias Eaton on an extremely dueling journey in high school. Follow their personal story on love and heartbreak. Through the ups and down, you will find yourself to love these characters as they show over and over again that they love each other, but will one not see it? Will one see it too muc...

  • Divergent High
    336K 9.7K 57

    "I think I might be in love with you." His whisper tickles my ear. "What happens now?" I feel my stomach quench. "We never let go."