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  • Friendship4Dummies ~Contest entry~
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  • Dinner was Perfect (Friendship for Dummies One-shot)
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    A One-shot written for Leigh_'s Friendship for Dummies competition

  • Love for Dummies (FFD One Shot)
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    It's been over two years since Georgie and Connor got married and now they're expecting twins. Can they hold onto their spark as they embark on the biggest journey of their lives?

  • Fragments
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    **INCLUDES WATTPAD SCHOLARSHIP WINNING ENTRY** land of stories, poetry, and competition entries that don't deserve their own book.

  • FFD One-Shot Contest Entry :)
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    She's gone. The sparkle to all of their lives is gone. It's a few years after Geogie and Connor have gotten married. They have an apartment and no kids..yet. ;) Something so terrible happens,and it shakes up all of their lives for the worse. Connor is depressed. Georgie is concerned. What happened? How is everyone...

  • Friendship For Dummies (One-shot)
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    Georgie and Connor, childhood best friends, have been married for three years and are finally having a baby. Will this day be anything like Georgie expected? Join all your favourite Friendship For Dummies characters as they share this special day with Connor, Georgie and their newly born child. Written for leigh_'s o...

  • A Friendship for Dummies' One Shot
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    Conner and Georgie didn't let their childhood misunderstanding get in the way of their true love. They are finally together, married, and basking in the privacy of their new home. What more can they ask for? A Conner Jr, maybe? ;]

  • Friendship For Dummies; One- Shot.
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    Friendship for dummies; One-shot. The next chapter.

  • Mini Stories and One Shots
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    “I think all writing is a disease. You can’t stop it.”—William Carlos Williams. So I write things sometimes; have a guess where they go.

  • Friendship For Dummies- One Shot
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    So.. this if for you Leigh_ such an amazing story. Friendship for Dummies. I fell in love with it. Actually, I'm still falling in love with it! anyways, Connor and Georgie are married... and have a little.... well just read ;)

  • One-Shot Friendship for Dummies Contest
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    Georgie and Connor are adults now, and they have the responsibilities that come along with adulthood. The diner days are long gone, and Georgie is ready to take over New York with a job at a powerful business firm. However, when the interview day approaches, it looks like one person from her past is standing in her wa...