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  • Supernatural Abilities
    1.1M 52.6K 39

    Of all the things on Taylor Buckley's agenda, developing superpowers was not one of them. One day she was a normal kid in school with a big secret and the next she was whisked away to a place called Supernatural Abilities that specializes in training people with powers just like her. She is thrown into a world filled...

  • Mermaid Tail {A NaLu AU}
    255K 10.6K 16

    In a world of magic, legends, pirates, and mythical beings, Fiore is a kingdom long forgotten. Within the deep blue of its ocean, the Obsidian, lies a lone mermaid by the name of Lucy Heartfilia. She has run from home, a home overrun by her corrupt father, and now roams the seas with her best friend Plue, a shapeshift...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Fifth Element
    4.7M 264K 103

    In Elemental magic you can be one of four magic types; water, fire, earth, and air. The only problem is Violet is none of these things. Is she what they call a magic dud, or is she something rarer, more powerful, and more dangerous than anyone could have imagined!? Teasers, "Em, most girls sneak out fo...

  • Chasing Dreams(H.S)
    887 164 11

    A normal 17-year old girl,Amanda Woods, belongs to a 'perfectly boring' family but discovers a turning point in her life when she meets the rudest and 'darkest' human in existence,Harry Styles.With the growing hatred between the two, somehow somewhere attraction also grows and so does the problems.The two clearly aren...