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  • nights ☆ nct dream
    313K 23.8K 34

    "this is going to be one of those nights wherein you'll wished that it was all a dream." mintyxuxi. 2016.09.24 2017.01.18 All rights reserved. highest ranking: #94 in FAN FICTION

  • Friend Me (L.M X H.J)✅
    254K 12.3K 38

    Lee Minho decides to sign up for snapchat to make friends, feeling lonely and desperate to meet someone new. * A nice goofy boy will make the right intuition on saving a complete stranger. *Minsung FF* 11/24/18- 50K(*'︶'*)♡Thanks! 3/5/19- 100K (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ

  • sent | wanna one
    638K 34.5K 57

    ❝send nudes pls :^)❞ ❝n00ds?❞ ❝ yep :^))❞ *sends noodles* in which a girl sends a message... to the wrong person #4 fanfiction | july-10-2018 started: march 14th 2018 finished: july 30th 2018

  • the key | ksj
    68.1K 6.1K 22

    "i want you to live happily, so now. g-give me your hand," start: 03/06/16 end: 04/06/16

  • canvas | ʜᴏᴡ ᴛᴏ: ʟᴏᴠᴇ ᴄᴏʀʀᴇᴄᴛʟʏ
    696K 33.3K 54

    ❝his anger is the paint. my body is an empty canvas. he decides to color me in.❞ [book one completed]

  • Call me, Dr. Park (BTS JIMIN FANFIC)
    2.2M 107K 42

    Doctors. They are one of the busiest people ever on the planet Earth and out of all, Park Jimin is one of them. Serving as a part of the crew in the ER Department of Seoul Hospital, Jimin is always devoted to his work and he spends most of his time in the On Call Room. All forms of entertainment of his are put on hold...

  • FUS1ON(Apply Fic)
    1.4K 147 6

    Look out world, the new biggest girl group is coming your way. Status: Open Thanks to @RavenBrookes for the cover ;)

  • Serenia {Kpop Apply Fic} (OPEN)
    1.3K 156 3

    A new girl group is about to debut as "Serenia" from Pledis. 5 SLOTS AVAILABLE Fans have been looking forward to it but can the girls please the public? Will they maintain their friendships and relationships? Join in and journey with me as we see how things will go for Serenia. Your character can be a part of Serenia...

  • Seven Wonders (KPOP Apply Fic)
    8.3K 457 11

    STATUS: CLOSED Seven Wonders is a group of friends that is composed of 7 beautiful ladies. Their friendship started when they're in their kindergarten years They are called SEVEN WONDERS because aside from they're beautiful, they are kind and humble. In fact, they are a total package, that's why they're called Wonders...

  • Operation: Avoiding Oh Sehun (EXO HunHan FanFic)
    508K 25.2K 26

    Luhan woke up to become a girl?! How did that happen?! Worst of all, "she" somehow convinced everyone that Luhan went out for a vacation and that she's his younger sister! Will she be able to avoid every EXO member until she turns back into a boy? There may be eleven members to avoid, but one only holds a grudge agai...

  • If We Ever Meet Again. ( Exo Chanyeol Fanfiction )
    389K 11.9K 21

    The only mistake I did in life was saying " I Do." Was it really a mistake?

  • Boyfriend, is my Boyfriend? + NEW Sequel!!! - Ongoing Series
    134K 3.5K 68

    You've been a student of Top Talent Academy ever since your aunt recommended you in 7th grade. Your parents are divorced and you have no idea where your father is. Your mother is back in the states working hard to send money to you so you can attend school and live in South Korea. You currently live with your aunt who...

  • Miracle In December (Sehun)
    1K 26 3

    I am listening to you who cannot be heard. I am looking for you who cannot be seen. Your love has still moves me like this. I'm changing day by day because of the love you once gave me. Please, be my miracle in december.

  • Destined To Oh Sehun (Exo Fanfic)
    409K 12.4K 35

    What will you do If you woke up with a stranger in your bed then you found out that there's something happened in the both of you? well, let's find out the unexpected love story of Sehun and Racheal. - PLEASE, DO NOT PLAGIARIZE!! Cover made by: @baekhyunee_4 ❖ DαყLҽ წწ

  • Except You (EXO Fan Fiction)
    4.5M 101K 56

    Everyone adores and loves her.. .. except him. He is always nice and friendly towards everyone.. .. except her. He is quite the catch at school and with one look, he can have anyone.. .. except her. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- QUICK NOTE: I also posted t...

  • Seducing LuHan (Exo Fanfic)
    3M 75.9K 57

    A girl named Apple was forced to marry a man named LuHan. Her mission is to seduce this man because LuHan's Mom thought that her son is a gay. Can Apple accomplished her mission to seduce LuHan? Well, Find out. - PLEASE, DO NOT PLAGIARIZE ☺ Cover made by: @baekhyunee_4 ❖ DαყLҽ წწ