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    ❝The best love is the one that makes you a better person, without changing you into someone other than yourself.❞ ↳ a book where i write about the 7 greasers who've captured my heart and perhaps yours as well! copyright © 2017 slutformacchio credit to makers behind the templates, pngs, gifs, etc.

  • shakespeare . dallas winston
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    ❝ i'm not like them but i can pretend ❞ [dallas winston x oc] creds to @alicnstae for cover templates

  • smitten | the outsiders
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    in which two people are instantly smitten with one another. [ book I ] [ sodapop curtis ]

  • Mean Socs ||Darry Curtis||
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    Set in 1959, 17 year old Elizabeth Ramsey is your typical Soc. She has long, straight brown hair and bright blue eyes. She wears fancy clothes, gets perfect grades and her whole family is rich. The only thing separating her from the other Socs is that she has a crush on a Greaser. 18 year old Darrel Curtis is your ave...

  • This Funny Thing Called Love (Sodapop Curtis/Outsiders Fanfiction)
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    Anastasia Langston is a Soc who's dating Bob. Sodapop is a Greaser. When they meet each other, things get crazy. Rumbles, fights, and more violence than ever erupts. Will Anastasia be able to make up her mind between the two boys?

  • The Outsiders on Facebook
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    What if The Outsiders had a Facebook? And they caused weird and disturbing drama? Find out our favorite Greasers'--and Socs'--adventures on the world wide web! ***I am the original creator of this mashup.*** TW: cursing, bad humor (you may find offensive) Disclaimer: I do not own The Outsiders and Facebook. Rated R fo...

  • Lose Your Mind-A Dallas Winston Fanfiction
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    I moved to Tulsa when I was 17 to find my half brother. I didn't know things were going to turn out the way they did. I didn't know who else I was going to meet along the way. If I would have known, I never would have set a foot in that town.

  • Grease and Gasoline-A Dallas Winston Fanfiction
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    Skylar Wolf's life has always been the American dream. She's got money, a nice car, and everything else you could imagine. But, after one fateful night in the dark, she meets a person so different he shifts her whole world and how she sees it. She soon must decide if she's able to handle the storm of the boy who goes...

  • Little Love ||Darrel Curtis / Outsiders FF||
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    ❝ we loved with a love that was more than love. ❞ The one where a soc falls in love with a greaser.

  • cliche {Johnny Cade}
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    "This is very cliche, but there's a good chance I'm in love with you." "W-what?" -- A story in which two best friends slowly admit their love for each other. {THE OUTSIDERS}

  • Broken ||A Sodapop Curtis Love Story||
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    Emily Mathews is a 15 years old high school Sophomore in a terrible school filled with jerks, bullies and Socs. She's a Greaser, just like her brother Two-Bit and his friends. She's not very popular and spends all of her time with Two's gang, including her best friend and crush Sodapop Curtis. Emily is already depres...

  • Johnny's Little Sister (A Ponyboy Curtis Love Story)
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    A story about Johnny's little sister, Jennie, her friends and the crazy adventures they go on together!!! Hope you enjoy it!!! :)

  • Ask Sodapop and Steve//Closed
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    Sodapop and Steve are not answering any questions any time soon, sorry. I might post more some time in the future. But for now, don't expect any. Stay Gold.

  • If The Outsiders Had Social Media
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    It's the present day. Technology is available and the greasers learn to use social media. From Facebook to Twitter, and Instagram to, the seven boys and the others explore the wonderful creation of the internet!

  • If The Outsiders Had Facebook (COMPLETED)
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    These are the trials and tribulations for The Outsiders cast if they had Facebook!! Enjoy..... maybe

  • How to Be a Greaser (The Outsiders // Ponyboy Curtis)
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    Noraleigh just moved to Tulsa, Oklahoma from a small town in Texas. She isn't a greaser nor a Soc. To say the least she's middle-class, but when she meets Ponyboy Curtis at tryouts for the track team, Noraleigh can't help but wonder what it's like to be a greaser. Every little thing about the greaser lifestyle seems t...