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  • Loving You for No Reason (Kathniel FanFic)
    18.8M 218K 96

    The are thousand of reasons why I should hate her......but I end up loving her without any reason - Daniel PAdilla on Kathryn Bernardo

  • I'm his TUTOR
    53.5M 739K 55

    Published under Viva Psicom. Available in bookstores nationwide for only 195php. Taglish. (COMPLETE) Meet Mikaela Maghirang. Nerd sa school pero super sweet-slash-makulit child sa house. Wala siyang ibang binalak kundi magaral ng mabuti for her future pero paano kung one day, kinailangan niyang turuan ang hearthrob ng...

  • Stuck in the Moment (Book 1)
    16.4M 203K 55

    Published under Viva Psicom. Available in bookstores nationwide for only 195php. Taglish. Meet Kathryn Bernardo, simple pero matalino unlike Daniel Padilla na playboy, heartthrob ng school and may pagkamayabang pa. What will happen if one day nag meet sila? A story full of love, kilig, tawanan and asaran! (Bo...

    5.5M 69K 58

  • My Nerdy Boyfie. ~KathNiel~
    6.4M 112K 57

    Meet Kathryn, na sa kanya na ang lahat! She is so rich, popular, loved by so many people but she's not that so smart.Until he met Daniel, the OPPOSITE of her -- not so rich, unpopular, weak, baduy, and most of all NERD. But what if bigla siyang na-fall dito? BOOM! END OF THE WORLD NA BA?

  • Textmate [Kathniel]
    5.3M 88.5K 71

    One wrong send that leads to one great love story. This is Blue Bear and Ms. Loner's story :) (started writing this story when I was in 3rd year high school. I'm sorry for errors and typos! Hello to my friends Bert, Rafael and Lette who inspired me to post this story here. Cheers!)

  • KathNiel: My Casanova Bestfriend
    3.3M 41.3K 44

    It has been 5 years since Kathryn left the Philippines, her friends, her life, her one and only. Now that she's back, everything has changed including the one she didn't expect to change, her best friend. She wanted him but he wanted every girl he sees but he was too blind to see what he has.

  • Broken Arrow #KathNielReads
    1.3M 20.8K 23

    Kailan ba tatama si Kupido? Kapag lahat ng crush ko, taken na? Kapag lahat ng gusto ko, committed na? Kapag lahat ng mahal ko, masaya na? At ako na lang ang hindi? Aba, sino na lang ang matitira sa akin.

  • The Legendary GANGSTER Meets Miss BRAINY Girl (KathNiel)
    2.9M 32.9K 56

    Isang unbeatable legendary gangster meets miss geek famous girl. Si gangster na isang playboy at si geek girl na isang slight man hater. Si gangster na mayabang versus kay geeky girl na masungit. Ano kayang kakahinatnan kapag nag-clash ang ugali nilang dalawa? Sorry but.. [ NO SOFT COPIES ] And please.. [ NO PLAGIARIS...