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  • Amyes (Logandra) (Logan Lerman+Alexandra Daddario)
    4.5K 130 7

    This story is based on the New York Times best-selling novel, An Abundance of Katherines by John Green. .............prologue........... Logan Lerman, an actor to us, a very different person to others. He's had a lot of past relationships, from famous to non-famous girls. They all had something in common: name...

  • The Logandra Reunion
    1.9K 35 3

    this fic is also known as After the Amy Kerfuffle on my tumblr.

    Completed   Mature
  • Logandra Angst/Baby Fic
    9K 183 13

    Logandra two years after a break up #wattys2015

  • When Love Strikes
    2.1K 40 3

    Logandra love story! Please read!

  • Italy
    5.9K 155 9

    No ones written about their Italy trip yet. thought I'd give it a shot Logandra forever #wattys2015

    Completed   Mature
  • "The gifts for a Christmas"
    542 10 1

    Christmas - it's a time when miracles happen. NOTICE: it's an AU, these things does not happen in real life!

  • You belong with me (LOGANDRA)
    8.5K 200 17

    It's been 4 days since logan has been shooting the movie fury and Alex it's worried if he's in love with someone else

  • Logandra Moments in Time
    94.8K 2.2K 129

    all in the title. logandra one shots #wattys2015

  • The Week That Changed Their Lives
    5.2K 156 6

    Sea of Monsters filming is over and Alex is getting over a messy break up. She needs a friend to turn to and becomes close to logan. Where will their relationship head?

  • Tell Me A Lie (Logandra)
    1.8K 56 2

    ~tell me a lie. Logan Lerman is a sucessful young business man who takes everything way to seriously. He's rich. He's got the looks. Girls drool over him. Has way too many ex girlfriends. He's cocky. He's......he's Logan. Alexandra Daddario, is an up and rising broadway actress. She's an average. She's dr...

  • Logandra: Titans curse
    5.1K 154 4

    This story is about logandra and what happens when they are filming the titans curse.

  • Bright Blue Eyes (Logandra)
    19.8K 321 18

    5 actors who star in the Percy Jackson movie are facing a threat. Someone is hurting them and the people they love. Will they find out whose doing this to them? Will the couples break up? Is there a spy among them? Only one way to find out is to read. Caution: Sexual content

  • Logandra's Direct Message
    3.9K 149 9

    It all begins from: Hi, @AADaddario I found a black shirt and had a name tagged Alexandra Daddario in Fox's dressing room. Is that yours? Logan Lerman, a 16 guy who fell in love with Alexandra Daddario, a 22 woman through the twitter. Let's read it guys! It's a Logandra story!

  • Logandra Baby
    2.3K 44 4

    Logan and Alex start their new lives, but what happens when Alex gets Pregnant and is afraid to tell Logan?? Read to find out ( I update every once in a while so don't be mad when I don't update)

  • The Beginning DISCONTINUED
    390 6 2

    My take on how Logandra began. not really romance til later chapters.

  • Barcelona
    5K 98 10

    Sequel to Italy. #wattys2015

    Completed   Mature
  • You're The One For Me
    27.3K 596 22

    How did Alex and Logan's relationship started? Will there be a problem along the way? How will they keep their relationship strong? Will it be a secret? Wanna find out? Go ahead and read it. A Logandra Fanfiction. This story was based on the website

    625 7 1

    Alex and her father moved out from San Francisco to New York, The problem is she can't adjust to their new home in new York, one day he met a man named Logan Lerman and she realized when she saw Logan, she finally found the love of her life!!!……… does Logan feel the same way too???……… You will find out if you read th...

  • Paris (Logandra)
    30.7K 674 22

    "We will always have Paris."

  • Like I Can
    552 13 8

    Inspiration drawn from Sam Smith's song. DISCLAIMER: I own nothing but the books on the shelf.

  • after filmimg such scenes
    2.7K 37 2

    don't judge it gets kind of sexual but its logandra. they're never affectionate in public, they need to make up for it somewhere.

  • Our Secret (A Logandra Fanfiction)
    7.2K 127 3

    He looked into my eyes with those baby blues of his and whispered, "Be my girlfriend." I opened my mouth and stared at him. Stared at Logan. He was my costar and yet, he was more than just that. He was the one that made me realize that sometimes love came with problems. And that problem only started with my age.

  • Divorced, In Love and Miserable
    11.9K 435 28

    Logandra is no more, no thanks to the constant media coverage of their marriage, and both parties have moved on. Logan is between relationships (again) and Alexandra is engaged. But that could all change with a phone call from their daughter's middle school saying she's collapsed. #wattys2015

    Completed   Mature
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    logandra trauma

  • Lost In You (Logandra)
    4.4K 121 13

    Logan is a highschool student who maintained a straight A grade ever since he began schooling. But when he met Alex, that's when changes strike. Can he maintain it until he graduate? The worst is, can he graduate ? ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ PG 13 - Crude Languages were included. * * * * updating soon ° ° ° ° C...

  • 33
    1.6K 57 4

    Alexandra Daddario, an usual 28 years old woman goes to Australia with her friend - Allie Wood to fulfill the 33 things you need to do in life. When true friends - Alexandra and Allie find Logan Lerman and Jake Abel and they decided to spend this weekend together. Note: Logan, Alex & Jake no actors and acterss...

  • Love & Rumors
    20.6K 506 21

    Alexandra Stewart is dying to cast in the film Olympians. To Alex's delight, she's chosen to lead one of the main characters of the film. As she focused on her acting career and being too caught up with her failing relationship, Alex doesn't realize that her co-star, Logan, is falling madly in love with her. When she...

  • Logandra Songs
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