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  • [BOOK 2] A Gangster is a REAL long lost Princess
    84.2K 2.3K 54

    Mula sa kwento ng kanyang na ina na natapos na. Ngayon naman ang oras para naman malaman ang kanyang kwento. Ang kwento ng isang anak ng isang mandirigma na siya ding isang prinsesa. Ngayong magsisimula na ang kanyang kwento.... "Kailangan ko ang hustisya para sa aking nalaon na isang matalik na kaibigan Ang sigaw niy...

  • I'm Married to a Millionaire
    676K 11.4K 56

    A simple girl who is forced to marry a millionaire because her parents won't be able to pay the money they borrowed from the Fuentes family ...

  • Blood War (Book 1, the Halfblood Chronicles)
    361K 17.3K 89

    Nika, a halfblood vampire, faces conspiracies and dark magic during a hunt for her best friend - whose kidnapping has sparked a war between supernaturals. ***** Lurking in the shadows of the human world are Daemonstri - beings akin to vampires, witc...

  • Best Friend's Revenge
    3.7M 120K 52

    When Liz Charleston's ex-best friend suddenly returns with a plan to take revenge on her, drama seems inevitable - but who knew revenge could be so handsome? ***** Two years ago Liz Charleston made the biggest mistake of her life by rejecting her be...

  • From the Ashes of Love
    56.8K 1.6K 93

    This story is a Fan Fiction for a television series called Ashes of Love (in English) and 香蜜沉沉烬如霜 in China (pronounced: Xiāng mì chén chén jìn rú shuāng) It picks up shortly after the series finale (episode 60 or 63, depending on which version you watch). This show was based upon the novel 'Heavy Sweetness, Ash-like F...

  • Behind These Wings
    204K 7.7K 35

    Love is patient, love is kind but above all, love is hard. "I am here to see the Archangel." "Aren't we all?" Replied the guard after chuckling at the blatant naivety of the frail woman. "Name?" "I'm here to see the Archangel." She replied stubbornly still not looking up from her shoes that peeked out from the bottom...

  • Operation: Make him straight
    138K 4.8K 56

    He'll be a man. TRUST ME Xtreme Series: story of Van Robisphere Delgado and Jaydiah Louisse Decena

  • Seducing my Gay Fiance? Is that a joke! (COMPLETED)
    205K 5.2K 42

    What if sa hindi inaasahang pangyayari sa iyong buhay ay magaya ka sa ating pangunahing bida na, ang kanyang naging Fiance ay isa palang Baklush!! na mas malandi pa sa kanya. Paano kaya kung pagsamahin kayo ng inyong Parents sa Iisang bubong o sabihin na lang natin na titira kayo sa iisang bahay. Gay vs. Girl na ba? A...

  • The American Agent
    134K 366 5

    Paperback is available now on Amazon! The ebook and Kindle Unlimited official release date is 12.3.20! Formerly, a Paid Story. When an ex-Navy SEAL agrees to become a covert operative for Homeland Security, he must race to stop a stealth bomber from dropping a nuclear weapon on a major U.S. city. Alex Parker finds hi...

  • Hiding The Billionaire's Daughter
    26.3M 683K 60

    [PUBLISHED UNDER PHR] Gallagher #1 I'm hiding the Billionaire's daughter. Highest ranking: #1 in love #1 in romance #1 in generalfiction #1 in fiction

    Completed   Mature
  • The Billionaire's Wrath
    10.7M 271K 62

    Miss Prim and Proper and the university's top student Daphne Madrigal has a secret that can destroy her perfect image. But what if the university's notorious playboy discovers it? Will she agree to his deal in exchange for staying quiet--or will she finally have the courage to show her true self? -- All her life, Daph...

    Completed   Mature
  • Ms.Gangster vs Mr.Mafia
    153K 3.9K 53


  • I'm Courting The Mafia Boss
    108K 2K 47

    Courting the mafia boss is a crazy idea. But for the sake of love I will do it, I will court the mafia boss, I will do everything just to win his heart. Meet Shien Natchi Sai ang babaeng patay na patay sa lalaking nagngangalang Naike Zack Yoone. Ang babaeng may pagkaslow pero matalino, may topak pero maganda at isang...

  • Sylum Academy of Skill Exertion (Completed)
    292K 8.3K 54

    Evintiem Race Series #1 [Book 1] Sylum Academy of Skill Exertion [Book 2] Yves of the Outskirts of Kanda -- If people were emotions she was emotionless. She's a danger, but for others she's indeed a savior. She is Seathryn Blackburn. Pronounced as: \'sā-th-rin\ or \'sey-th-rin\ Highest Rank # 2 skills - 06/05/19 #1 sk...

  • Wilton University: A Rule Is A Rule [Completed]
    181K 3.6K 54

    New Owner? Ibig sabihin ba nito New Wilton na rin? Of course not! Still Girls are not allowed and that's the rule! But there's an exception in every rule right? Charm Kirsten Cruise has no friends because of her past pero 'past' na nga diba? Bakit hindi nila malimutan? But whatever! Puno naman siya ng pagmamahal ng ka...

  • Confession Of Half Alcantara's Heart [Completed]
    47.7K 1.3K 56

    "...sometimes letting go is the best decision." Meet Half Alcantara. Good guy, handsome, rich, kind. Lahat na yata na sakanya maliban sa pag-ibig.Love sa family? Check! Love sa friends? Check! Love sa isang tao? Uhm...nevermind! Always rejected sa babae.Ouch! Sakit diba? Ilang confessions na ang napaghandaan niya but...

  • Hurt Then Fall (Wilton University: Girls Are Not Allowed Book Two) [Completed]
    45.1K 983 33

    Matapos makalabas sa Wilton University ni Autum Pereira ito ang pagpapatuloy ng kanyang storya. What happened? Halos isampal sa kanya ang lahat ng malaman na niya ang totoo.Bakit sa isang iglap nagbago ang lahat sa pagitan niya at ng kanyang half sister? Halos wala na siyang pinanghahawakan.Deep inside she's destroyed...

  • Vampire Tale: A Love 'Till Eternity [EDITING]
    95.2K 2.6K 42

    When A Human And A Daywalker Vampire Collide

  • The Vampire Prince's Obsession
    466K 12.9K 51

    "Isang kwento kung san hindi mo masasabing ang bida ay ang bida at ang hindi bida ay hindi. Magulo hindi ba? In this story expect the unexpected so that it will less your shock" #03 Highest Vampire Ranking

  • Owned By The Prince Of All (Vampire Series #1)
    330K 8.4K 52

    WAG MUNA BABASAHIN DAHIL INE-EDIT PA!!! . . . Synopsis: "They took my Alexa, my world, my life, my everything. In return...I will also take their life, I will kill them." - Tristian Kurt Wright ___~~~•••***•••~~~___ This is a story about a girl named Alexandra. She was kidnapped by a foe and brought her to somewhere f...

  • The Lost Queen ✔
    94.6K 2.3K 37

    (Pureblood Series # 1) - Completed "Sometimes being a queen is not easy how much more if you're the lost vampire queen?" STARTED: March 15, 2016 FINISHED: AUGUST 27, 2018

  • SCHOOL OF VAMPIRE [Completed & Still Editing]
    387K 9.9K 68

    Feel free to read this story highest rank #2 {Sep.30,2017} Ipinasok nila ako sa kwartong puno ng kadiliman. Wala! Wala akong makitang kahit na anu kundi ang itim na nababalot dito sa kwartong ito. Natatakot at kinakabahan "Ma-may tao ba dito" panginginig na sabi ko. Hindi ko na alam kung anung gagawin ko "please lang...

  • I Love You since 1892 (Published by ABS-CBN Books)
    110M 2.2M 56

    Meet Carmela Isabella ang spoiled maldita na nabitter sa pag-ibig pero lahat ng iyon ay magbabago nang bigla siyang napunta sa unang panahon, in the year of 1892. Oo tama kayo, panahon pa nila Jose Rizal. Natuklasan ni Carmela na may dalagang nabuhay noong 1892 na sobrang kamukha niya at ito ay si Carmelita Montecarl...

  • ACADEMIA: Finding The Lost Princess
    2.9M 77K 41

    READ AT YOUR OWN RISK PLEASE. - - Academia is a World where magics exist... The Queen of Light Academia born a Child who have a Powerful Magic. She is the strongest of them all. One day, A war came so they fight but After the war, The Princess is gone... -- • Completed Highest rank achieved - #5 in Fantasy Started:...

  • HE'S INTO HER Season 1
    331M 7.9M 100

    PUBLISHED UNDER LIB with 8 book parts. Masaya at madali lamang ang buhay para sa isang Deib Lohr Enrile, na hinahangaan ng napakaraming babae dahil sa itsura niya at bukod doon ay wala na. Halos ang lahat ay nasa kaniya na, mapagmahal na pamilya, maunawain at maasahan na mga kaibigan, talento, talino, magandang itsura...

  • My Husband is a Mafia Boss (Season 2)
    103M 2.1M 48

    Marriage is normally one's happily ever after in the movies, but for Aemie Ferrer-Roswell, it's just the start of a seemingly unending adventure. Can this sweet Barbie-loving airhead continue to survive the life of being wife to a Mafia boss? *** Many things changed after Aemie Ferrer became Ezekiel Roswell's wife. Wi...

  • The Love of A Mortal (Completed)
    708K 13.1K 59

    This story is about a young girl who became a slave with a Vampire Prince. She became the blood bank of the Vampire. The Vampire only sees her as a maid, nothing more, nothing less. But even though, the Vampire Prince is giving a cold-treatment to this girl, she found herself starting to fall for the Prince. What if t...

    Completed   Mature
    13.1M 196K 91

    Nananahimik siyang nagtatrabaho sa Canada as an architect when he received a letter from the Philippines, a copy of his Lola's Last Will and Testament. Ubod naman kasi ito ng yaman at ang Mama niya ang nag-iisang anak, so obviously, sa Mama niya lahat mapupunta ang kayamanan, ang problema, may isang weird na kondisyon...

  • POSSESSIVE 21: Knight Velasquez
    124M 3.4M 137

    Knight Velasquez would willingly and silently sacrifice himself in order to protect the people he cared the most about, even if it meant endless trouble and deceit. But his life soon took a quick turn when he fell for the woman who saved him from his world of pain. ****** To ensure the safety of his beloved brother...

    Completed   Mature