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  • Losing Love (Completed)
    52.6K 1.6K 1

    She never thought their strong bond would end. She never thought she'd lose her love.

  • atlas. (completed)
    493K 26.6K 28

    we met when we were 16. at 42, i still miss you.

  • September
    19.3K 988 1

    I wasn't best friends with him. I wasn't in love with him. We weren't related. But a part of me will always miss him, and I wish he could have seen that. I wish he could have seen how much he was truly loved and although life wasn't always easy, he did have people on his side. If only he had given us the chance.

  • Hi, Daddy. (Completed)
    82.3K 4K 1

    A little girl's letter to her dad, praying he just might see it.

  • Your Basic, Cliché Love Story (Completed)
    359K 11.6K 8

    It's basic. It's cliché. All because sometimes we need a cute little story where everything turns out perfect.

  • Twenty Minutes To Go (completed)
    68.8K 6.3K 22

    A bride, a groom, and a wedding chapel. Twenty minutes to go.

  • Saving Summer (Completed)
    64.2K 1.7K 1

    He just wanted to find the key to the door she was hiding behind.