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    "I met someone new last night and we kicked it." ~ Description is the first chapter.

  • distraction [nba ben]
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    "are you down to be a distraction, baby?"

    Completed   Mature
  • Remember Me
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    Takashi and Toryn met each other when they were five. Became best friends at ten. Were inseparable by time they were fifteen. Built an indestructible bond at twenty. And now at the age of twenty five, after twenty years of friendship, due to the slowly deteriorating memory Toryn has had since she was a baby, she w...

  • Stuck on You (Urban Love Story)
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    Living in her sisters shadow became normal to Justine as she got older. She tends to be a lost face in the crowd which frankly, she doesn't mind. While other junior's in high school are busy getting drunk and turning up, she finds enjoyment in catching up on next weeks assignment at school. She's always had a good hea...

  • Self Service
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    Priscilla is a twenty-seven year old entertainment lawyer from the slums. All her life she has had to work hard and prove herself in everything she does, pushing her to be the hardest working person at her firm. Priscilla is a cold and calculating woman with no room for love or friends. She is a self-serving woman a...

    Completed   Mature
  • What Meets the Eye
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  • Second Chance
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    "Shit happens everyday, bro. Might as well forget about it." - 12tH.S. God gives you a second chance for a reason. Either you acknowledge that chance or just let it go to waste. Only those who really want the second chance will take it and acknowledge it. Will a felon and a teenager, who was almost knocking at her de...

  • All Things Go | DISCONTINUED
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    When all is said and done, look what we've become. | Discontinued.

    Completed   Mature
  • Southside
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    Southside Atlanta is home to many ambitious souls just vying to make it out the hood. Twenty year old, Amei Solarin just so happens to be one of those individuals. With having her heart broken in the past, she strictly focuses on making a name for herself by any means necessary. Unlike Amei, Cervantes Sanchez (aka Tez...

    Completed   Mature
  • Sins
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    [Urban Fiction] Sharai Jenkins is a girl with her own problems. Problems at home with family, and problems at school with friends. Sharai has a mother that she felt like needed more help than she'd gotten years ago, and a sister named Averi, that she didn't get along with so well. When things start heating up in the J...

    Completed   Mature
  • Just Friends
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    Imani Richards is 25 year old multimillionaire with trust issues. Her last relationship was abusive, and she promised herself that she would not fall in love again. But When she meets August Alsina, her old best friend and high school lover, will she break that promise to herself? Will their busy careers allow them t...