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  • The Girl And The Mafia
    10.1K 320 13

    "When will they understand? When will they believe us?" I looked up to him, the heat in the small room building up. "When they're all dead," Lights blazed into the room as the chaos began.

  • Broken | #Wattys2015
    18.4K 985 70

    a guy who no longer was whom he once used to be.. and a girl who was just broken as him, but all she wanted to do was pick up the broken pieces for him and bring him back to the way he once was. |banner on chapter 25 by @fanccy| |mini trailer on chapter 26 by @escapism-|

  • Words Unspoken
    14K 782 27

    Strangers were all they were. And maybe it would've been better if it stayed that way. Kaylee Harrison had no idea what she was getting herself into when she met him. And now she's found herself trying to keep up her end of the deal with his biggest enemy to keep him alive. © 2014 Kaitlyn. All rights reserved. Cover b...

  • Here Comes the Sun | ✓
    558K 24.8K 51

    A girl and guy with their own set of complications fall in love when she kisses him in Times Square. Cover: @sublime- Trailer: @metropolis- Copyright © 2012 C.

  • End of Night
    11.5K 484 7

    After Dusk book 3 When Laila Rose entered the world of demigods, Warriors and immortal beings, she never would've thought that she was leaving her old life behind forever -or that nothing would ever be the same again. Gone now, is that naive mortal girl whose biggest worry was graduating high school. In her place is t...

  • hurricane [EDITING]
    5.2K 493 42

    "how do you know this song? it's not on the album?" "it's my favourite. it reminds me of us." •❤️• © 2 0 1 4, Hayley M. cover by @summercalling trailer by @escapism- [this isn't a fanfic]

  • C Y N O S U R E
    864 29 2

    When Carson first met her, she was mixing chemicals for him. When Dalia first met him, he was daydreaming. She's not like the girl he met. He broke her more than she thought he would. listen to the soundtrack: cover by @imploding-hearts

  • Desire To Travel
    17.4K 743 8

    Zoe and Mason are neighbours, but they ignore each others existence. That's because Mason is a bad boy, and Zoe is quiet, shy type girl. They both have completely different personalities. So what happens when Zoe decides to fulfill her desire to travel around the world, and Mason joins her?

  • Behind the Screens
    4.3K 320 17

    Sofie and Zack are two people who are just like any teenagers in this century. They met each other through facebook, however they have not met each other in real life. It's been a month or two, and throughout all that time, they have developed a great bond with one another. They decide to meet each other. What happ...

  • Two Sides -- Editing
    1.3K 107 4

    The world can be a cruel place, Oliver knows that all too well. After a dangerous rampage lands him in jail, he meets people that share his "ability." With his friends, Oliver is deeper up in dangerous roads and paths; he must not give into hatred. He must find his light before it's too late. Secrets will be shed lik...

  • I'm Only Human -- [Editing]
    77.2K 3.1K 37

    Taking a bullet for a stranger is one thing not many people would do. So, when Autumn saves Tate from a horrible death, a need to return the favor burns inside him. He shows her a whole new world hidden within her own. Things only complicate when a group known as 'the exterminators' comes into the picture. Their...