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  • Defying Gravity
    513K 38.9K 57

    I knew that day felt different than the others, but by then it was already happening. I was defying gravity. (A Naruto fan-fic)

  • Enter: The 1# Jutsu Weaver! (Book 1) [Naruto Fairy Tail Crossover Fanfic]
    1.2M 47.3K 139

    Cassie Alessandra was just an average everyday high school student. WAS. Until she was supposedly killed by her school bully and thrown into a different world than her own. What world you may ask? The Naruto world, where 13-year olds play with knives and kill people. Just wonderful. But wait, why does she have a book...

  • The Guardian and The Priestess
    239K 9.1K 24

    On the exact day of her 18th birthday, Lucy Heartfilia got pulled from the world she known and lived. Lucy was sent to an unfamiliar dimension, where her mother declared as her hometown. Fiore. A random kingdom that allows angels, demons, witches and so much more to coexist. Where girls were blessed with powers and bo...

  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 3 (MY Version)
    24.9K 1K 22

    When a new girl is in Nick, April and Casey's class they have no clue what to think of her. Well, until they find out she has stolen Mutagin from the Kraang and they are searching for her. But everything goes completely freaky when Nick's powers have other plans, Shredder's brain washing formula is still in her. Sh...

  • The Travelers Wish (The Wattys 2016)
    133K 6K 65

    The star of the circus is not all she seems. Outside a talented beautiful Aerialist. Inside a die hard geek, with a impossible wish. The girl who should have died twice, is now being repaid, her unspoken wish is granted by the strange and mysterious Goddess Of Travel. Transformed into a powerful being known as "The Tr...

  • Searching for April O'Neal
    10.3K 536 22

    THIS IS THE SEQUAL TO SHREDDER'S ASSOCIATE, so if you haven't read that you will be confused. Go check out Shredder's Associate. After Tang Shen calls Mikey and Ellie, his life completely rips apart. He screams at Ellie, furious at her for not telling him about Shredder. And so she leaves the Lair, completely disappe...